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Best Practices for Using QR codes in Event Marketing

Are you planning to use QR codes in event marketing?  QR codes are becoming an increasingly popular way to promote events. By adding a QR code to your marketing materials, you can make it easy for people to learn more about your event and even register for it. Here are 8 tips for using QR […]

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Different Ways to Use QR Codes for Meetings and Events

Are QR codes for meetings useful?  If you’re hosting a meeting, you want everyone to make the most of it. You may accomplish it with the aid of a QR Code. Make it simple for people to register If you’re planning a conference, you’ll need attendees. If you have a list of people you want […]

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Using QR codes for Music Events

Many artists release their content online. If you’re one of them, then you could benefit from using QR codes.  QR codes are a great tool that can help you in different ways. For example, QR codes can make your digital data accessible even to printed marketing materials. QR codes are very much accessible. They can […]

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QR Codes for Conference Posters

Every once in a while, business people and like-minded professionals hold conferences to discuss a certain relevant topic. Scientists or academics meet at an academic conference to talk about research findings or conduct a workshop. Business people attend business conferences to talk about the latest trends and opportunities for the business. Businessmen and members of […]

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QR Codes For Event Sign-Up Pages

Conducting an event soon? Whether you’re having a school fair, sporting event or a gathering that needs an RSVP from attendees, it is important to have participants register. Traditionally, registrations are done on paper. But what if participants use QR codes to let them sign up for these events? Google Sites is a free website builder that […]

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Calendar Event QR Codes

Event QR Codes Using vCalendar

The VCALENDAR event QR code gathers event details — time, date, and venue — so when scanned, it reminds you of the schedule. Whether a meeting, a conference, or simply a coffee with your colleagues, QR Stuff provides these event QR codes to get things organized for your needs. QR Stuff QR codes consist of […]

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