QR Codes For Free Google Sites

Google Sites is a free website builder that lets you effortlessly create and share web pages for your campaigns and projects. This tool makes it easier for a user to lay out the pages without the need for coding. Helpful for educators, small business owners and entrepreneurs as well, Google Sites is one of the […]

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Students Attendance Tracking QR Codes

QR codes can now replace the old style of using pen and paper, or a roll call in class to check student attendance. Create an attendance tracking QR code using QR Stuff for tracking attendance in class in a modern and organized way with Google Sheets and Google Drive. It is very easy to create […]

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QR Code Rubber Stamp

QR Code Rubber Stamps & Stencils

Bryan at Holmes Stamps in Florida contacted me on Twitter the other day to let me know that they were making QR code rubber stamps. Holmes is a family business that’s been going since 1954 and this is just another way they’re making old school products relevant to the 21st century. They can make you […]

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