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V-Card encoded temporary tattoo for booth scanning of customer details at a trade show.

URL encoded temporary tattoo containing link to Facebook profile.

Data encoded event entry pass containing ticket number and pre-puchased drinks coupons for on-site scanning.

Business card with Google Maps location encoded QR code.

Business card with V-Card encoded QR code.

Business card with QR codes encoded with Facebook profile URL, Google Maps link and V-Card.

URL encoded QR code linking to Material Safety Data Sheet for hazchems.

URL encoded QR code linking to maintenance record for equipment.

URL encoded QR code for online ticket purchasing.

URL encoded QR code linking to the trailer for the film.

SMS encoded test drive request (contains request message and mobile number of car salesman).

URL encoded QR code to take users to the online micro-site for the new model.

Wedding invitation with URL encoded online RSVP link.

Airport passenger check-in

In-store point of sale directing customer to extended product information

Real estate "For Sale" sign linking to agents website listing for that property

Warehouse stock control system.

Wine bottle label linking to vintage and production information

Property "For Sale" listing linking to agents website listing for that property

Web-based parking area access control

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