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Free Suite


per month

  • Unlimited Static Codes
  • 10 Dynamic Codes *
  • Access to basic File types
    • URL
    • Social
    • Payments
  • No Design Capabilities
  • No Spreadsheets

* No dynamic editing
* 50 scan limit per code/per month

Full Suite


per month*

  • Unlimited Static Codes
  • Unlimited Dynamic Codes
    Of which 200 codes can have advanced file types
  • Access to all File types
    As well as:
    • Location Based QR Codes
    • Attendance Tracking
    • Landing Pages
  • Full Design Capabilities
  • 200 Tracking Spreadsheets

* Subject to VAT in some European regions


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  • Includes Full Suite
  • Advanced Security
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Dedicated Customer Service Support
  • Large Batch Processing

Complete Features List

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Unlimited QR Codes
Non-Expiring QR Codes
100% Ad Free
Dynamic and Static QR Codes
Technical Support
Management Dashboard
Project Folders
Dynamic QR Code Editing
Customizable vCard landing page
Batch Processing
Password Protected QR Codes
Unlimited Scans
25 QR Code Data Types
Error Correction Level
Full UTF-8 Encoding
Vector and Raster Image
Colour QR Codes
Logo Embedding
QR Code Styling
Hi-Res QR Code Images
Business Intelligence
Account History
Downloadable QR Code Report
Includes Full Suite
Advanced Security
Advanced Analytics
Dedicated Customer Service Support
Large Batch Processing
Free Suite
Full Suite

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Currently, we offer two set pricing plans as well as a bespoke solution for enterprise.

You can get a paid subscription to our services which gives you access to:

  • all of our different QR code data types, including location, attendance tracking, PDF QR codes and more.
  • unlimited scans for your QR codes.
  • QR code customization and QR code batch creation – change the colors of your QR code, insert a logo and create a batch of QR codes hassle-free. How cool is that?

You can also sign up for a free subscription. Your free subscription allows you to access a dashboard where you can see your QR codes, which you can download repeatedly, instead of creating another code for the same content. However, with a free subscription, you only have access to create our free QR code data types.

For a bespoke solution for organizations or individuals looking to create many QR codes, drop us an email at so we can assist you.

Yes! You can sign up for a free account. You will be more limited in the data types from but all of the basic ones are available.

Your free account also gives you access to a Dashboard where you can see all the QR codes you created. No need to create again and again for the same code content. You can just sign in to your free account, look for the QR code you need and download it.

There are two ways for you to create a free QR code. First, you can create a QR code anonymously using our homepage widget; or you can sign up for a free subscription first.. Doing the latter allows you to have access to a Dashboard anytime you need a copy of your QR code.

To create a free QR code, sign up for a free subscription. If you’d like to skip this part, go ahead to Choose the date type for your content and provide the content for the code. Test to see if your QR code works properly, then save.

You can cancel your account at any time from your account page or contact our support team at if you are having trouble.

If you don’t change your mind, your account will remain as a full suite until the duration of your paid subscription ends.

You can manage your payment methods from your account screen once you have logged in.

Currently, we accept paypal and a majority of credit/debit cards.

We strive to keep your data as safe as possible! We are GDPR compliant, which means we keep your data locked up tight.

Absolutely! You can change your plan anytime. If you currently have a free account, you can switch to a paid subscription by clicking “Upgrade Subscription” on the top right corner of the page.

On the other hand, if you want to cancel your paid plan or switch to a free account instead, you can email our support team at to help you.

We offer discounted pricing for non-profit organizations. If you would like to inquire about a discount, please contact and our support team will help you.

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