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How to make a QR code for Instagram

Whether you use it for business, personal photos or creative endeavors, there’s no denying Instagram’s huge reach and marketing potential. With QRStuff’s free widget, you can create, save, print, and share a free Instagram QR code, giving people instant, seamless access to your profile.

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What is QR Code Generator for Instagram?

With a QR code generator for Instagram, you can create a QR code (a kind of barcode) that links directly to your Instagram account when scanned on a mobile device. QRStuff’s generator is totally free of charge and lets you customize the QR code with your own colors, shapes, images, and more. For paid subscribers there are even more options, including dynamic QR codes that can be edited whenever you want, plus analytics and tracking to find out how people interact with your code, allowing you to maximize its potential and boost that all-important number: your Instagram follower count.

Why should I use an Instagram QR code?

No matter how perfectly curated your photo feed is, it won’t make a splash if nobody sees it. The key to using Instagram successfully is to get as many eyes as possible on your profile, so it’s only logical to make it super-easy for people to get there. This is where Instagram QR codes come in. Here are just a few reasons why they could be the perfect option for you.

Frictionless access

No more messing around with profile names and no need to manually search: with a simple scan of your QR code, potential followers are taken to your feed in a flash. And the codes are touch-free, too!

From print to profile

QR codes work great in print, so if you use any kind of physical marketing materials (business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.), they’re the ideal way to help bridge the gap from offline to digital.

Part of the décor

Think QR codes are ugly? Not anymore! Your Instagram QR code can be a design element in its own right, with custom colors and images that fit your visuals and give your brand an unmistakable look.

What information is stored in an Instagram QR code?

QR codes can store a wide variety of different information. In this case, it’s pretty straightforward: the QR code simply contains a link to your Instagram profile. Think of it as clicking a hyperlink, but a lot more visually appealing and less cluttered. If you’re interested in what else these magical codes can do, check out for QR code business cards, wifi logins, location pins, and much more.

What are the benefits of using an Instagram QR code?

Using an Instagram QR code is a sure-fire way to attract more people to your profile thanks to the ease of access, which will encourage more users to follow you. What’s more, it’s free to create one. And if you use a QR code generator like QRStuff’s rather than Instagram’s built-in generator, you get even more benefits: a full range of customization options, plus dynamic codes and analytics for paid subscribers.

A step-by-step guide to creating your Instagram QR code

Head to QRStuff

The first thing you need to do is visit in your browser. Directly on the homepage, you’ll see the option “Instagram” underneath “Data Type”.

Tell us your handle

Click “Instagram” and you’ll jump to Content, where it’s time to enter your Instagram user name (or handle). If you’re not sure what yours is, visit your profile on Instagram, where you should find it at the very top of the page.

Customize to your heart’s content

Under “Style”, you can really make the QR code your own: adjust the colors, tweak the shapes (rounded or normal), change the size…you can even add your own logo/image for a QR code that stands out from the pack.

Print your code

Once your QR code is all done, you can print it yourself or take advantage of QRStuff’s partnership with Zazzle to get it printed on business cards, posters, T-shirts…you name it, you can get your Instagram QR code printed on it.

What happens when someone scans your code?


When users scan your Instagram QR code on an Android device, the phone will automatically detect if they have the Instagram app installed. If so, the app will open and display your profile. Otherwise, they’ll access your page via a browser.


For iPhone users, even if they have the app installed, they’ll be asked for their preference (app versus browser). In general, Instagram is moving people towards using its apps, which is great news for marketers as this tends to increase engagement.

Who can benefit from using an Instagram QR code?

Instagram QR codes are great for anyone whose business is based on visual marketing and for those who want to share their creative side with the world. Here are just a few examples.

Restaurants and cafes

Adding an Instagram QR code to your menu will not only give diners an appetizing sneak preview of your dishes, it will also increase engagement by encouraging them to post snaps of their food and tag your establishment.

Photographers and videographers

If you’re a photographer, your Instagram feed probably functions as your portfolio already, so why not add an Instagram QR code to your business card and show potential customers what your work is all about?


Instagram is the natural home of the influencer, whose job is all about boosting brands’ visibility. What better way to do it than with a well-placed Instagram QR code on your print marketing materials?

Get a dynamic QR code for even more benefits

Paid QRStuff subscribers have access to something called dynamic QR codes. To put it simply, these let you edit the destination that a QR code points to at any time. Just rebranded your business and launched a new Instagram profile, but don’t want to reprint that stack of QR code business cards? With a dynamic QR code, you can just edit the Instagram username it links to and keep using your trusty old code.

Go behind the scenes with analytics

Another great benefit of becoming a paid subscriber is analytics data: subscribers using dynamic QR codes can see the date, time, device type, and location for each scan event, in real time, available as both a PDF and an Excel file. This is the perfect opportunity to check where, when, and how often your Instagram QR code is being used, allowing you to optimize your marketing strategy for maximum effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you can’t customize your QR code on Instagram itself, it’s easy to do so at using the free Instagram QR code generator. During the creation process, you’ll have the option to tweak all kinds of settings such as color, size, file type, shape, and much more. The result? An Instagram QR code that’s unmistakably yours.

Absolutely! With an Instagram QR code from QRStuff, a simple scan of your code on any compatible device will take the user directly and seamlessly to your Instagram feed. QRStuff also offers QR codes for instant access to other social networks including Twitter and Facebook, so check out the homepage for more details.

It does, and you can access it by going to Settings in your profile and choosing “QR code”. The built-in generator does have some limitations, though. Customization is very restricted, and the palette is limited to Instagram’s color scheme. If you’re looking for a more personalized code that reflects your personality, QRStuff’s free generator is the way to go.

Now that you’ve fine-tuned your Instagram QR code, you might be wondering how best to utilize it to bring in those new followers. Below you’ll find a few tips to make the most of your new marketing tool. First, ensure your Instagram QR code is printed somewhere people can actually scan it. This means a location that’s static and easy to access, so don’t try using it in a TV advertising campaign or on a giant roadside billboard! Also, be sure to add an appealing call to action next to your code. There’s no denying that QR codes are all the rage nowadays, but plenty of people still need a little reminder of what to do with them. You could try something like “Scan here for my Instagram”. Keep your call to action short and sweet, and ensure it’s fitting for your business.

Thanks to the internet, we have a seemingly endless stream of entertainment options competing for our attention nowadays. This can make it tricky to attract eyes to your profile and keep them there. Using an Instagram QR code can help ensure that getting to your photo feed is a seamless process, but you don’t just want visitors to stop there. Make sure your profile is a snapshot of what you’re all about: if you’re a wedding photographer, that means your best shots of happy couples front and center, with not too much else to distract potential customers. Visitors are also more likely to want to return to your profile regularly if it looks like you post often, so try to keep up with a frequent publishing schedule of fresh new content. If you find it a struggle to stay on top of this, there’s social media marketing software out there that can help.