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Turn your coupons into a QR code

Turn your discount code into a QR code and increase your product sales. Share product deals and promo codes with customers to promote your services. Reward your esteemed customers and consolidate their affection in the process — all with the help of our Coupon QR Codes. It’s a win, win.

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What is a coupon QR code?

A coupon QR code is a kind of QR code that turns coupons digital. It's a type of QR code that directs people to a coupon code, or a landing page containing the coupon code and promo details.

The purpose of this QR code is to give people an easy way to access money-saving deals on the go!

What can a coupon QR code do for you?

Step up your marketing campaign by linking your special offers to our QR codes. Embed the QR codes on your promotional materials and distribute them. Customers will scan the coupon codes and redeem the discounts you offer. It’s secure, satisfying, and most importantly, fun!

Not only do you win customers over with this strategy, but you also increase your sales and boost brand awareness — all with a simple scan. Our coupon QR codes are particularly beneficial for promoting an online store, a business website, or other similar venture.

Why should you use coupon QR codes?

Helps boost brand awareness & sales

If you want your coupons to generate buzz, increase sales and build brand awareness, then switching them into coupon QR codes should be your first step.

With coupon QR codes, you can both increase physical and online traffic to your website or store.

When you use QR codes to issue coupons and discounts, your customers get more value.

Aside from boosting sales, your promotion may also increase traffic to your website and social media pages. If customers share their experience with your business by visiting your social media pages, they can also alert other potential buyers to the latest discounts and coupons.

You may choose to print text coupons to include in your receipts and products, but the user experience would only end in claiming the coupons. With coupon QR codes, you can provide information about other products or promotions once consumers scan the code.

Just make sure to include links to your website, and social media pages in the landing page for your coupon QR code.

Easier interaction for customers

Using coupon QR codes could make your customers’ lives easier. It’s a great way to get them to take action and scan the code with their phone.

With coupon QR codes, you make it easier for customers to quickly complete tasks, such as redeeming coupons or accessing more information about a product.

Without QR codes, the user experience may only lead to a coupon claim or not at all if they would still have to type in a URL by hand.

Create, edit, and track

One great thing about QR codes is you can edit them anytime. If you need to make changes in your coupon, you can do as needed. And if you use dynamic QR codes for your coupons, you won't have to reprint them. All that's required is editing through the dashboard—the physical code stays the same even after edits are made.

And the best thing about this? You can track the performance of your coupon codes. Know exactly how many customers have redeemed each coupon, and in real-time!

Make your coupons on-brand

When you use QR codes, your coupons won't be limited to text. Your coupons will come to life with engaging images and videos.

With coupon QR codes, you can make your landing page and even the QR codes themselves on-brand with your company.

To make your coupon QR codes stand out on social media and in-store displays, here are some tips.

Choose a color palette that matches or coordinates with the brand’s signature look. For example, if one of your products is blue and red (like M&M's), then use blue and red as part of the colors you use in your landing page and QR codes.

Most importantly, make sure each coupon QR code looks good and works properly when scanned by users using QR code scanners.

Will you benefit from coupon QR codes?

Learn how you can use coupon QR codes to save time and money. See how different entities are using them effectively, and gain ideas for your own implementation of the technology.

Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants can use coupon QR codes to promote their loyalty programs, offer discounts on food, drinks and other services, or even offer discounts on spa services. They can also use coupon QR codes to promote room upgrades or special events at their establishment.

If you’re a hotel, you can offer an exclusive discount on your website or via mobile app. If you’re a restaurant, consider offering a coupon for lunch or dinner that can only be redeemed at certain times of day. You could also promote happy hour specials and other discounts through coupon QR codes.

The key to success is to find a balance between offering the right kinds of promotions and making sure you don’t overdo it.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Grocery stores can use coupon QR codes to entice customers by offering them discounts on their purchases. The goal is to get customers into your store and then entice them to buy more than they planned.

If you own a grocery store or a supermarket, try using coupon codes that offer discounts on certain items. For example, if you have a sale on cereal, you could use a coupon QR code to give customers $1 off their purchase of 2 or more boxes. Or if you have produce on sale for $1 each, you could offer shoppers a discount when they buy at least 10 pieces.

This is a great way to get shoppers into your store, but it also helps you build loyalty with customers who will come back for more. It also helps build brand awareness through word of mouth advertising from satisfied customers who tell others about what a great deal you have going on!

Clothing and Apparel boutiques

Boutiques that sell clothing and apparel should use coupon QR codes to attract customers through discounts. They may even embed their own brand logo for the coupons they distribute.

You'll want to create the coupon with the unique QR code that will lead shoppers directly into your website on their phone or tablet when they scan it. This will help increase conversion rates for products that are purchased through this method as well as encourage repeat visits from those who might not have initially found what they were looking for when first visiting your site.

Boutiques can add their coupon QR codes to dressing rooms, on display racks of clothes on sale, or on clothing tags. In-store customers should scan the QR code, check your website and/or social media pages to receive discounts.

As mentioned earlier in this article, we recommend using this type of promotion for new products or special offers for existing ones. However, there are many ways in which these coupons can also be used effectively by businesses that already have established brands such as clothing shops and apparel stores!

Gyms and Spas

Gyms and spas can also use QR codes to advertise special offers, discounts or new services.

If you own a gym, using coupon QR codes to give discounts on fitness classes or gym memberships can help attract clients.

On the other hand, spas can use coupon QR codes to advertise discounts on spa treatments and packages.

Print the coupon QR codes on posters and flyers, and place them around the gym or spa. Or, put up signs that say “Scan the QR code to claim your discount coupon.” and then point at the QR code. You can also use social media to help promote these coupons as well.


Publishers can also use coupon QR codes to attract potential customers by offering discounts. At the same time, directing people to your other works or social media pages before they can avail of the discounts.

In your landing page, include instructions on how people can avail the discount. You can ask people to check out your other published books or works, or follow you on your social media pages.

You may use the QR codes on your printed coupons and also include them in social media posts, websites—and even books—to attract more potential buyers to purchase more of your works.


Photographers can also use coupon QR codes in offering discounts on their photography service to potential clients.

You can add the coupon QR codes on your business cards or social media pages to direct people to your landing page where they can find more information about your services. You should also include links to your portfolio and contact details, so that potential clients can see samples of your work and contact you if they decide to hire you.

When potential clients scan the code, they should be able to see the details on how they can get a discount on the photography service.

You can offer to give them a free 8x10 print (or any size) of their favorite picture when they avail any of your service packages. This should be effective if you offer high-quality prints. Or, offer a discount on photo shoots, as long as they mention you on social media. This will help you build your clientele in the long run.

How to create your coupon QR code?

Create a landing page for your coupon.

Before we proceed to create a QR code for your coupon, you need to create a landing page first. The landing page should include all the necessary details about your ongoing promo. You can create your landing page on Google Sites or you can also use your preferred landing page builder.

What to include in your coupon QR code landing page?

Your coupon QR code directs a potential client to your landing page, where you can capture the information needed or the sale. To maximize that opportunity, we suggest including these elements on your landing page:

  • Image of the product or service featured with a discount banner
  • Your business name and a brief description.
  • A text code that can be redeemed online or in-store, as well as instructions on how to use the coupon.
  • The expiration date or redemption period, as well as any other relevant conditions for use
  • Links to your website, social media pages, and other relevant resources that can be used to promote your services.
  • Provide directions or an address to your business location.
  • Your contact details, so prospect clients can get in touch with you

Head to QRStuff

Go to qrstuff.com, then on the homepage choose “Website URL” under the category of “Popular” data types.

Share your coupon's landing page with us.

On the designated field, provide a link to your landing page and let’s turn it into a QR code!

Make your QR code stand out

It's time to have some fun with customizing your QR code. Feel free to change the colors of your QR code, to match your business branding. And if you’re a paid subscriber, embed your business logo as well.

Test, download, and print!

Test your QR code by scanning it through a QR code scanner or a built-in scanner on your smartphone. If the QR scanner takes you to the coupon page on your website, print and start distributing your codes!

Create dynamic codes for your coupons, then track them later

Here at QRStuff, you can create your coupon QR codes for free. But, if you’re serious about using coupon QR codes as part of your marketing strategy, having an option to track the analytics of your QR code will be an advantage for you. You'll know how well your coupon codes are working.

When you subscribe to a Full Suite plan, it will give you access to QR code analytics. For the dynamic codes you create, you’ll get to see the date, time, device type, and location for each scan event, in real time, available as both a PDF and an Excel file.

Using the analytics data, you’ll be able to check where, when, and how often your coupon QR code is being used.

By analyzing your marketing strategy and making adjustments when necessary, you can maximize the effectiveness of your efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can generate your own QR codes for your coupons using a reliable QR code generator, like QRStuff. No need to sign up for a paid subscription.

Start by creating a landing page using your preferred landing page builder. Make sure it contains all the necessary details about your coupon as well as other relevant URLs promoting your products and services.

Once you have your landing page designed and ready to use, create a QR code for its URL at QRStuff. Use the Website URL data type and enter your landing page's web address on the QR code generator, then you're done.

When you see a coupon QR code, you need to scan the QR code using a QR code scanner. Use your smartphone's built-in scanner or an online QR code scanner.

Point your mobile device's camera—which doubles as an app scanner—at the code and hold it there until the app pulls up a website URL.

You will be sent to a landing page with a coupon. Check the details listed on that page. It should have information about how you can take advantage of the discount.