QR Codes for Attendance

Turn your attendance register into a QR code

Overcome the hurdles involved in tracking attendance by using our attendance QR codes. Now, you can verify and track your attendance super-smoothly. You can also export your attendance data to Excel with no trouble at all. Everything comes down to a simple scan. Your students will love their tech-savvy teacher.

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How our attendance register QR code benefits you

Our attendance QR code lets you track attendance like a pro. You can verify check-ins and check-outs without a glitch. You can compile a thorough list of names of participants without error. This not only helps you take proper records, it’s also good for security. And if you choose our dynamic QR code feature, you can update your records anytime.

Our attendance QR codes come in handy in any situation that involves gatherings, whether employee meetings, class attendance, church, and so on. Everyone is a scan away from registering their presence. Henceforth, the nuisance of calling out names in the name of roll call is over!

Replace Employee Time Sheets

Use attendance tracking QR codes for logging employees in and out of work, whether it be on-site employees or remote employees. All you need to do is create a “Check-In” QR code and a separate “Check-Out” QR code, and have your employees scan one on the way into work and the other one when leaving work.

Since the check-in and check-out data is stored in spreadsheets, with each scan event tagged by employee name and time-stamped, calculating employee hours would simply be a matter of merging the two spreadsheets and extracting the start and finish times for each employee.

Improve Staff Monitoring by Digitizing Maintenance Checks

Every business can use QR codes to make their operations easier to manage. And it's no exception for businesses that provide building maintenance checking for buildings, homes and properties.

Attendance tracking QR codes are a great way to keep your maintenance crew accountable.

With the use of attendance tracking QR codes, you can easily monitor your staff’s whereabouts and make sure that they are doing their jobs well. This will help you keep track of their attendance and performance, allowing you to make necessary changes if needed.

To make attendance monitoring a lot simpler for the head of maintenance, you can replace the forms with attendance tracking QR codes. Instead of having the maintenance staff fill out forms, they simply need to scan a QR code.

The maintenance staff simply needs to scan the attendance tracking QR codes after he finishes checking a client’s property. Upon scanning, he simply needs to provide his name, and all the important information about his attendance is recorded. It includes the date, time, and device, and even the location (if you so choose in creating the QR code) of the staff, which is recorded in a Google spreadsheet.

Efficient Monitoring for Security Patrols

Security companies are a lot like parents: they have to be everywhere at once and they have to know everything that's going on. That's why they need to check if their security patrols have patrolled their assigned areas, as well as know where a patrol is at any given time.

To make this easier and more efficient, security companies can use attendance tracking QR codes instead of logging in record books. Security patrols can simply scan the attendance tracking QR codes at every checkpoint. This also records the time and the location where the security patrol scans the QR code.

Worry-Free Monitoring of Students Riding Buses

One of the top priorities of any parent or guardian is ensuring their children's safety. For parents with kids who ride the school bus, it can be stressful to ensure that their kids get on and off the bus safely.

If you have kids riding the school bus, it's common for you to check if they've gotten on after school. For teachers, this can be an issue if they have no way of monitoring students riding the school bus.

With attendance tracking QR codes, teachers can quickly and easily check if all students have gotten on the school bus.

Teachers can create QR codes for student check-ins and check-outs, which will be scanned by the driver or a parent volunteer when a student boards or leaves the bus. Both codes record the location where they are scanned so teachers can easily monitor who has gotten on and off the bus—and where they've been going!