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What is a digital business card?

A Digital Business Card is an electronic version of a traditional business card that contains all your contact and professional information in a digital format. Information can include your name, job title, company name, phone number, email address, links to your social media profiles or website, and more.

Digital business cards can be shared in various ways, one of the most popular being QR codes.


Why should you move from paper to digital?

Traditional business cards have their charm, but they often end up lost or forgotten. Digital business cards, on the other hand, leverage the power of technology to ensure your contact details are always just a scan away.

Here’s why they’re becoming essential:

Smarter way to network

Digital business cards streamline the process of sharing and managing contact information. They offer a convenient, modern way to connect with others, making your networking efforts more efficient and effective.


Always up to date

You can update your contact information anytime. Changed your job title or phone number? No problem. Your digital card will always reflect the most current details without the need for reprinting.


Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

By going digital, you reduce the need for paper, making your networking efforts more sustainable. Plus, you save on printing costs—no more reordering batches of cards.


Integration with CRM

Digital business cards can be seamlessly integrated with CRM and contact management systems, allowing for easy tracking and management of your contacts.


Interactive and Engaging

Digital business cards can link to a variety of multimedia content. Direct your contacts to your LinkedIn profile, portfolio, or a personalized video.


Professional Customisation

Digital business cards can be customized to reflect your personal or company brand, ensuring a professional and cohesive appearance.


Unlimited information

Share as much information as you want without worrying about space constraints. Include links to your social media profiles, portfolios, and more, providing details about who you are and what you do.


Valuable Analytics and Insights

Digital business cards provide valuable analytics and insights, helping you understand how and when your contact information is being accessed and used.


How to create a digital business card?

  • Design your profile:

    Start by creating your profile or digital business card through our integrated platform. Input essential details like your name, job title, phone number, email address, and links to your social media profiles or website.

  • Generate a QR Code:

    Once your digital business card is set up, QRStuff will seamlessly guide you through the process of generating a QR code. This code will link directly to your digital business card.

  • Customize your QR Code

    With QRStuff, you can customize the appearance of your QR code to match your personal or company brand.

  • Share your Card

    After creating your QR code, you can share your digital business card in various ways. Embed the QR code in your email signature, add it to your social media profiles, print it on a physical business card, or share it directly via your smartphone.


Why QRStuff is Your Best Choice for Digital Business Cards?


Apple and Google Wallet

Add your digital business card to your Apple or Google Wallet, making them readily accessible whenever you need them.


Two-Way contact sharing

Our platform allows for two-way contact sharing when a QR code is scanned. This means both parties can exchange contact details seamlessly.


Ensure Security as you Network

We prioritize your safety and security. You can trust that your data is secure with QRStuff, and are GDPR compliant.


Scalable with team size

Our platform ensures that every team member has access to their personalized digital business cards, streamlining onboarding and contact updates.


Batch QR Codes

Generate multiple QR codes at once, making it efficient for large events, marketing campaigns, or corporate use. QRStuff makes it easy to manage and distribute batch QR codes, saving you time and effort.

Transform your Networking with QRStuff

Start creating your digital business cards with QRStuff today and experience the smarter way to network. Create QR codes for free, or subscribe to unlock full design capabilities, generate unlimited codes, and access all file types and more!

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