QR codes for Events

Turn your event info into a QR code

QR codes have long been used for events, but now more than ever, using QR codes is an essential part of organizing professional and well-run events. Use QR Stuff to create codes for your tickets, banners, posters, registration and check-in. With dynamic QR codes, you can even track valuable data for marketing and advertising.

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The advantages of QR codes for events

Use the free Eventbrite App to organize your event in one place. You can easily set up your Eventbrite page to create events and tickets. Eventbrite QR codes are incredibly useful for marketing managers and artists who regularly organize events or concerts. QR codes can help you increase your ticket sales, as they are incredibly easy to share. Another advantage of using Eventbrite QR codes for your events is that they make registration and check-in a lot easier than manual processes. The awesome thing about QR codes is that you can add them directly to promotional material for your events, such as posters or billboards. Once scanned, the customer is taken directly to the ticket sales page!