QR codes for Events

Turn your event info into a QR code

QR codes have long been used for events, but now more than ever, using QR codes is an essential part of organizing professional and well-run events. Use QR Stuff to create codes for your tickets, banners, posters, registration and check-in. With dynamic QR codes, you can even track valuable data for marketing and advertising.

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The advantages of QR codes for events

Streamline events with Eventbrite QR codes

Use the free Eventbrite App to organize your event in one place. You can easily set up your Eventbrite page to create events and tickets. Eventbrite QR codes are incredibly useful for marketing managers and artists who regularly organize events or concerts. QR codes can help you increase your ticket sales, as they are incredibly easy to share. Another advantage of using Eventbrite QR codes for your events is that they make registration and check-in a lot easier than manual processes. The awesome thing about QR codes is that you can add them directly to promotional material for your events, such as posters or billboards. Once scanned, the customer is taken directly to the ticket sales page!

Make it easy for guests to add your event to their calendar

The best way to make sure that your guests don’t miss your event is to make it easy for them to add it to their calendar.

Using QR codes for your events can help you get more people to attend. Guests simply need to scan the code and the event details will pop into their screen—and they'll have an option of adding it directly onto their own calendars.

Increase number of guests coming

You can use QR codes for your events to help increase the number of guests that come to your event by making it easy for them to add it directly onto their own calendars. This will alert them of your event when they look at their calendar. This way, they won’t miss out on important information regarding time and place!

This will make it easier for guests to learn more about your event, and they'll be more likely to buy tickets to your event by getting the word out. QR codes are a great way to get your event into the hands of more people. By using them on promotional materials and even tickets, you can make sure that everyone who comes across your event has access to all the relevant information they need.

Add and share QR codes with ease – online and offline

QR codes don't take much space, making it easier to use on promotional materials and even tickets. You can include QR codes in -- just about anything.

Printed materials such as flyers and posters are great ways to use QR codes. You can also add them to your website or other online content, or even share one on social media. By adding an online and offline component to your event marketing efforts, you can reach more people and make sure they have access to all the information they need.

Edit event details anytime with no additional costs on printing

With QR codes, you can edit event details anytime without the need to reprint materials. Your QR code will still work even if you update it with new information or change the date. You can change the event date, location, with a simple edit. This is especially handy when you're planning an event and need to make last minute changes.

What information do you find in an event QR code?

QR codes can link to various types of information, from website URLs, phone numbers, email addresses, to social media handles, the list goes on. For an event QR code created through QRStuff, it stores details of an event. The event QR code will display the event name, the duration of the event, including the location. It also includes an option “Add to Calendar” which makes it easy for guests to add the event straight to their calendar.

With QR codes, you can store a whole lot of information with less clutter, less space, and easy access too!

How to create a QR code for your next event

Go to QRStuff

Head to qrstuff.com in your browser. Right in the Homepage, choose Event under Custom Landing Pages.

Share with us the event details.

Provide the necessary details about your event in the designated fields and let us turn them into QR codes.

Customize your QR code

If you wish a colored QR code, then feel free to style your code with your preferred colors. You can also change the shape of the dots, and even insert your logo if you’re a paid subscriber.

Test, download, then print

When creating a QR code, never forget to test if it works properly. Once the QR code is all set, download and print it wherever you need to. If you don’t want the hassle, you can also maximize our partnership with Zazzle. They can get your codes printed in any merch you would like, from business cards, posters, T-shirts, your call!

Who should use QR codes for events

Event Organizers

If you're an event organizer and you're planning an event and want to give people more information about it, QR codes are a great way to do so.

The best way to get people to your event is by creating a QR code and putting it on posters, fliers, and social media.

QR codes for events make it easy to share all the details of your event. With one scan, people will know when and where the event is happening—they even have an option to add it straight into their calendar!

Speakers and Trainers

Whether you're a trainer, speaker, or workshop organizer, using QR codes for your next event can bring in more participants.

People can scan your QR code on a poster, flier or social media post to get all the information they need about your workshop. They also have the option of adding it to their calendar—so that they don't miss out!


Using a QR code to promote your band or musician's concert can be an effective way to attract new fans and followers. You can include QR codes on the posters or flyers for your event, as well as in social media posts. This way, people will be able to easily scan it from their phones and add it to their calendars—so they'll know where and when not to miss out!

Fans who are excited about the concert can easily share a QR code with friends—and they only need to scan it in order to get details of and add this event directly into their own calendars.

Sports Stadiums

Sports stadiums can boost ticket sales by creating an event QR code and distributing them to their fan bases. With a single scan of the code, fans can see all the details for the upcoming event and add it to their calendars so they don’t miss it!

The QR code can be printed on posters, distributed with tickets and other materials, or even used as a screensaver on stadium TVs. The possibilities are endless—and they’re all easy to use!

Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agencies can use QR codes to create events for property showings and sell properties like hotcakes!

Create a "property showing" event for each home and store the details in an accompanying event QR code. Place the QR codes on magazine ads, real estate property display signs or in office windows.

Interested clients need only to scan the QR codes, and can immediately see details of an event. They also have the option of adding this information to their own calendars. Now, you will attract more potential buyers to your property showings.

Hotels & Resorts

Hotels and resorts may use event QR codes to attract attendees and boost revenue when they host large conferences or trade shows.

Add the conference or event details to an event QR code. Then, put the codes on brochures at check-in, in the rooms, and on poster ads around the hotel or resort. To get people to come, don't forget to make your posters and brochures appealing with photos.

Gone are the days of missed out events and conferences! All interested guests need to do is scan the event code, see all its details, then add it straight to their calendar so they don't miss out.

Product launch

Include event QR codes as part of your product marketing and have more people interested, show up, and purchase in your product launch. Encode the product launch details in an event QR code and include the QR codes in the print ads you distribute offline and posts online.

Include the event QR codes on posters around the event, flyers, on social media promotions, and even on the event website itself. You can also distribute it on brochures at trade shows or send them out in mailers before your launch.

It would be great to distribute event QR codes at various events and conferences where your target audience is expected to be. This way, more people will know about your product launch and its details before it hits stores or online stores.

Interested customers can scan the code to see the details of your product launch straight away. They also have the option to save the event on their calendar, to get an alert before the big day!

Social Meet-ups

The pandemic hit us hard and experts say it still remains a threat even even after two years. But thanks to technology, we have found ways to interact with others even when we are not physically with them. Social meetups are now a thing for virtual communities and groups formed ever since the pandemic.

Make your life easier by creating an event QR code for the next social event you host. Save yourself the effort of typing details every time someone asks about the social meetup. Just share the event QR code. Your online pals only need to scan the code to see all the details, and save the event to their calendars.

Thanks to their calendar, they won’t forget when the event is happening!

Charity Events

Include event QR codes in your charity event must-haves and never have donors miss out your charity events again!

All it takes is for you to encode all your charity event details in your event QR code. Then, include the codes in your promotions offline and online.

This way, your charity event attendees can scan the code to see all the details including venue, date, and time. The best part is that they can save the event to their calendars so they won’t forget when it’s happening! This way, you won’t miss out on any potential donors who might want to support your cause.

If you want to learn more about how QR codes can help your nonprofit, reach out to us today!

Job recruiting events

Help job-seekers keep track of the hiring event you host by using event QR codes.

Include the event QR code for your job fair in every advertisement you make, including printed flyers and Facebook posts.

Interested applicants may scan the QR code to learn more about the event, including when it would take place and add it to their calendars.

Maximize your QR code when you subscribe

Worry less with dynamic QR codes

Organizing events, small or large, can throw a number of surprises at you. But the use of dynamic QR codes can help you worry less about things going wrong.

Even if you have printed and distributed all of your QR codes, you can make changes to them without having to print out a new batch. You can edit your dynamic code, and the physical codes will remain unchanged.

By subscribing, you'll have access to make changes to your dynamic QR codes whenever necessary. In addition, you'll have access to more advanced features like QR code analytics.

Track QR code scans on QR code Analytics

Another feature you’ll get when you subscribe to our service is the ability to monitor how your QR codes perform.

You can view the date, time, device type, and location for each scan event of your QR codes. The data is available as a PDF export file and an Excel spreadsheet.

This will allow you to track where, when and how frequently your event QR codes are scanned. With this data in hand, you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly if need be. How cool is that!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like to include a QR code for your event tickets, using a QR code generator will help make it possible. Go to qrstuff.com and choose “Event” under “Custom Landing Pages.” Provide the details of your event on the given fields. Customize your QR code on the Style page. Then, test your QR code if it works. It should display the event details you provided earlier. When the QR code is all done, include your QR code in printing your event tickets.

Event QR codes help organizers share the details of their events with ease. It's also easier to distribute, offline and online. Guests or people only need to scan the event QR code to see the details of the event. It also gives them an option to save the event to their calendar. This way, guests won’t miss the event, thanks to their calendar alert.