Generate Zoom QR Codes

Turn your Zoom Meeting URL into a QR code

Use our Zoom QR codes to quickly and easily invite guests to meetings. Simply create a Zoom QR code with your meeting’s link and paste it into Slack, email, etc. With a simple scan, your whole team can join in. Increase attendance while also providing convenience to your workforce. It’s completely hassle-free!

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The awesomeness of Zoom QR codes

Video-conferencing is at the heart of remote work. And thanks to our Zoom QR codes, video-conferencing just got easier! Whether you’re having a conferencing meeting, an audio conferencing, a webinar, or a live chat, our Zoom QR codes have got you covered.

Whether you’re meeting with freelancers, international business contacts, or prospective clients, our Zoom QR codes are the tool for you. Just spread the word by distributing the invitation material embedded with the Zoom QR code to users. Save time and money by eliminating the need for back-to-back telephone calls. Make every meeting a no-brainer for all parties involved.

Make remote work possible and easier!

Remote work has been a lifesaver during the pandemic. It helps us all stay connected, even when we’re not in the same room. But, remote work wouldn’t be possible if not for video-conferencing. And now, Zoom QR Codes make it more convenient for everyone in the team to connect and join meetings. With just a scan, they'll be able to join the Zoom meeting in no time.

Make it easy for clients to connect with you through Zoom

It's not just a small detail. Making it easy for clients to connect with you is the first step in building a relationship. You can make it so easy for clients to book a call with you that they'll be eager to work with you. Give them your Zoom meeting link and offer them the option to scan a Zoom QR code in order to hop on a meeting with you. All it takes to hop on a Zoom meeting with you is a scan on the Zoom QR code.

Make virtual events easily accessible

QR codes are a great way to make virtual events easily accessible. If you're planning to host a webinar or any other virtual event, there's nothing easier for attendees to join the virtual event than scanning a QR code. Before the day of the webinar, make sure to include the Zoom QR code for the webinar in your social media announcements. Interested attendees would only need to save the post and scan the QR code to join the webinar.