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Use our Zoom QR codes to quickly and easily invite guests to meetings. Simply create a Zoom QR code with your meeting’s link and paste it into Slack, email, etc. With a simple scan, your whole team can join. Increase attendance while also providing convenience to your workforce. It’s completely hassle-free!

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The awesomeness of Zoom QR codes

Video-conferencing is at the heart of remote work. And thanks to our Zoom QR codes, video-conferencing just got easier! Whether you’re having a conferencing meeting, an audio conferencing, a webinar, or a live chat, our Zoom QR codes have got you covered.

Whether you’re meeting with freelancers, international business contacts, or prospective clients, our Zoom QR code is the tool for you. Just spread the word by distributing the invitation material embedded with the Zoom QR code to users. Save time and money by eliminating the need for back-to-back telephone calls. Make every meeting a no-brainer for all parties involved.

What is a Zoom QR Code?

A Zoom QR code allows you to give quick access to your Zoom meetings. It makes it easy for people to join your events through smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. The guests just need to scan the Zoom QR code to redirect them to the meeting. But they need to have the Zoom app installed on their device.

Zoom QR codes make it easier to reach clients, international business contacts, or colleagues through video conferencing. It can also make virtual events a lot easier and convenient for the guests. Just send the invitation material with the Zoom QR code on it.

What information is stored in a Zoom QR code?

QR codes store different types of data, depending on the type of QR code generated. A Zoom QR code contains a URL to a Zoom meeting.

When people scan a Zoom QR code, it will take them to a Zoom meeting, as long as they have a Zoom app installed on their device.

Why should you use Zoom QR Codes in your meetings and events?

Zoom QR codes are the easiest way to make video-conferencing work. They're the best way to connect with colleagues, clients, and virtual events in no time.

Zoom QR Codes are also a great way to make your meetings more convenient. If you're planning to host a meeting or an event, there's nothing easier for attendees to join the meeting than scanning a QR code.

What are the benefits in using Zoom QR Codes?

Zoom QR Codes are a great way to ensure your clients and prospects find you. They can scan the QR code on your website, mobile app, email or any other digital medium and be connected to the right person. This makes it easy for your clients to connect with you and get in touch with the right people when they have questions, need support or just want to learn more about your business.

There are several benefits of using Zoom QR Codes and some of them are as follows:

Make remote work possible and easier!

Remote work was a lifesaver during the pandemic. It helped us all stay connected, even when not in the same room. But, remote work wouldn’t be possible if not for video-conferencing. And now, Zoom QR Codes make it more convenient for everyone in the team to connect and join meetings. With just a scan, they'll be able to join the Zoom meeting in no time.

Make it easy for clients to connect with you through Zoom

It's not just a small detail. Making it easy for clients to connect with you is the first step in building a relationship. You can make it so easy for clients to book a call with you that they'll be eager to work with you. Give them your Zoom meeting link and offer them the option to scan a Zoom QR code in order to hop on a meeting with you.

Make virtual events easily accessible

QR codes are a great way to make virtual events easily accessible. If you're planning to host a webinar or any other virtual event, there's nothing easier for attendees to join the virtual event than scanning a QR code. Before the day of the webinar, make sure to include the Zoom QR code for the webinar in your social media announcements. Interested attendees just need to save the post and scan the QR code to join the webinar.

When to Use Zoom QR Codes?

There are many occasions when you may want to use zoom QR codes. It can be a valuable tool for making your brand stand out in the crowd. For example, if you're running an online class or training session, Zoom QR codes make it easily accessible.

Virtual Events

Zoom QR codes are the perfect tool for any business that wants to host a virtual event. Put Zoom QR codes on your flyers to get more people to come to virtual events of your business. If they scan the code, they can watch it live on an iPad or any other device that has a QR code scanner and the Zoom app installed.

Use it as a way for people to check out what’s happening without having to travel far away from their home or workplace. They will be able to see what’s happening while at home or in another location as long as Wi-Fi and mobile data is available.


Use Zoom QR codes to replace long URLs when sending meeting invites to your team, clients or anyone! Recipients of your invite will simply scan the QR code and be taken directly to your meeting invitation.

Online Classes

Zoom can help with online classes. Teachers, professors, or instructors can use Zoom QR codes to send invites to students. These QR codes are more interactive, and students like them better than email.


Zoom QR codes can be used to send meeting invites for mentoring sessions, webinars, or any other online learning session.

Online coaches can use Zoom QR codes in sending meeting invites to mentees and other participants for their online learning session. You can also use Zoom QR codes when you would like to share important information with your mentees, like a new project launch date or an upcoming event.

If you plan to host an online strategy session, consider using zoom QR codes as they are easy to use and allow attendees to easily participate in webinars without downloading anything from your website or IT system.

How to Create Zoom QR Codes at QR Stuff?

Creating a Zoom QR Code is easy here at QR Stuff. You don’t have to sweat! Follow these steps and you’re good to go!

Go to QR Stuff’s Zoom QR Code Generator.

Log into your account if you’re a paid user. Otherwise, you can proceed to the next step.

Enter the content of your Zoom QR Code.

On the CODE CONTENT page, enter the URL of your Zoom meeting. Then, click on “Next step.” Remember to always input the prefix “http://” or “https://” when you enter your URL or the QR code generator won’t allow you to proceed to the next step.

Style your Zoom QR Code.

On the LOOK & FEEL page, you can style your QR code. Set your preferred QR code’s color as well as its module and eyeball shape. You will see the real-time changes reflected on the right side of the page. If you’re a paid user, you can also upload a logo or image for your QR code. When you’re done styling the code, click on “Next step”.

Set the image format.

On the IMAGE FORMAT page, set your preferred QR code size & resolution, download file type and error correction level. Once you’re done, click on “Next Step.”

Configure the tracking & analytics.

On the TRACKING & ANALYTICS page, set whether your QR code is static or dynamic. If you’re a paid subscriber, you can also set a name and a project name for your QR code.

Test your Zoom QR code & download.

Proceed to test your QR code flashed on the right side of the page. If the QR code works as expected, you can proceed to download your Zoom QR code.

Static or Dynamic: What to choose for your Zoom QR Code?

The best thing about using dynamic QR codes is that you can tailor each one to suit your requirements. Once you have one printed, all you need to do is create a new link whenever you want to run a new campaign. After creating a new URL, all you need to do is track the performance of the QR code and make updates accordingly.

If you are looking for a long-term solution, then static QR codes are the way to go. But dynamic QR codes are best if you have short-term promotions and need to change content often.

After reviewing the above factors, you may be inclined to choose the static type, but there are some things to consider. For example, this type of code can’t track information. Meanwhile, the dynamic type has more pros than the static one. It gives you the flexibility to edit or change your message or campaign anytime without having to reprint anything or need extra tools or equipment. It also can offer comprehensive tracking results such as how many people have scanned your codes. These things make it well worth the subscription fee.

Whatever function your business needs, there is a type of QR code to fit your requirements.

Why Use QR Stuff Zoom QR Code Generator?

Besides having a user-friendly interface to generate Zoom QR codes, here are more reasons you should use QR Stuff Zoom QR Code Generator.

Create Unlimited Static Zoom Codes!

QRStuff is an easy-to-use QR Code Generator that you can use for free.

You don’t need to sign up to start generating Zoom QR codes. You can create unlimited Zoom static Zoom QR codes using QRStuff Zoom QR Code Generator.

There are also other types of QR codes that you can create for free using QRStuff QR code generator.

User-Friendly Interface to Create QR codes in a minute or less!

When you need to create a QR code for your Zoom meetings, QRStuff Zoom Code generator will allow you to do so in no time. Its user-friendly interface means that creating a new Zoom QR code is simple—even if this isn't something you've done before!

It has a preview section that allows you to see how your QR codes will look on various platforms before generating them.

Create up to 10 Free Dynamic QR codes!

Not all QR code generators will allow you to create free dynamic Zoom QR codes. But with QRStuff Zoom QR Code Generator, you can!

When you create your own dynamic QR codes, our URL shortener will shorten your Zoom QR code so that it's easier and faster for people to scan!

You should create dynamic QR Codes if you need analytics reporting or QR code editing. Please note that you do need to sign up for a Full Suite subscription to gain access to QRStuff's analytics reporting and QR code editing features.

Once you sign up, you'll be able to customize your dynamic QR codes and add your business logo. You can also track the analytics of each code any time—and edit their URLs if needed!

In addition to that, our premium users have access to a lot more features.

No Bombarding Ads to Interfere Your User Experience

QR Stuff is the most reliable QR code generator on the market. We won't bombard you with ads or try to sell a bunch of services—we just want to make creating your own QR codes as easy and painless as possible!

We’re also constantly working on improving our customer support experience by adding new features and making improvements to existing ones.

Full Suite Get More QR Stuff!

While you can use QRStuff Zoom QR Code Generator for free, you'll get access to a lot more useful features when you upgrade to a Full Suite subscription!

Unlimited Dynamic QR codes and editing!

This means you can generate more than 10 dynamic QR codes. Create as much dynamic codes as you need! How great is that!

As a premium subscriber, you can create all types of QR codes available at QRStuff QR code generator. Generate up to 200 dynamic QR codes with advanced file types, including Location-based QR Codes, Attendance Tracking and Landing Pages.

With dynamic QR codes, you can edit the content or URL of your Zoom QR codes at any time, and you'll be able to view analytics for each individual code. This will help you track your campaign's effectiveness.

You don’t need to create a new Zoom QR code when you want to update the link in your existing one. Just go through your Account Dashboard. No more hassle in having to send new QR codes when you have a new Zoom meeting link.

Password Protected QR codes

Here's another useful feature that full suite subscribers can unlock.

In case you need to add a layer of security to your Zoom QR codes, you can create password-protected Zoom QR codes.

A password-protected QR code can be used as a kind of virtual door, allowing only certain people access to the information behind it.

Use of Full Design Features

Use our visual editor to change the shape and color of your QR Code. This includes adjusting both the module's shape and eye-ball as well as changing their foreground/ background colors—Premium subscribers can also insert a logo into their generated code!

See all features you can enjoy when you subscribe to our Full Suite Service, or sign up here if you're ready to upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

To join Zoom meetings this way, you simply display the QR code on your smartphone screen and place it in front of your laptop camera. Wait for it to scan then you'll be in the meeting in no time.

Generate a Zoom QR code with 3 easy steps! 1) Go to your QRStuff Zoom QR Code Generator. 2) Enter the content of your Zoom code. 3) Test if it works, then download—

Scan the Zoom QR code for your device with a smart phone's camera app or an online QR code reader. Click on the URL contained in that code and wait for it to redirect you to the Zoom meeting. Once there, click "Join Meeting."

You can join a Zoom meeting without installing any extra software. You simply need to click on the URL the host shared via email, text or Zoom QR Code, and your preferred web browser will open up a new tab with all of your meeting information ready for you.