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Share your contact details with your customers and potential customers freely and easily with our phone number QR codes. When customers scan, they'll be prompted to dial the encoded phone number and reach out with any questions or concerns they might have. Use this to take your customer satisfaction rates to new highs!

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Mobile marketing is unavoidable. In fact, mobile marketing is the new normal as these days people prefer to use their mobile phones for everything from making purchases and sending their feedback, to booking a flight or booking a table in an eatery. However, there's no denying that it's difficult to get people's attention on this platform.

So if you want to get the attention of your target audience, try something new, like QR codes. Do you know that QR codes can contain any type of data, including your phone number?

QR codes for phone numbers are one of the best ways to make people contact you. They work best on calling cards, resumes, and other printed materials.

Why should I use a QR code for phone numbers?

The main reason why you should use a QR code for phone numbers is that it is easy to use. People only need to scan the code with their mobile devices and it will automatically dial the number.

QR codes are very useful in situations where you need to share information quickly. It is easier than posting your number.

The other advantage of using QR codes for phone numbers is that they are more secure. Only you can change its content.

How our phone number QR code can make your day

With our phone number QR code generator, you can create direct-dial phone number QR codes that enable customers to reach you with a single tap of the button — literally. You can streamline your internal and external telephone communications to push your projects forward. You can also optimize negotiations with business partners and investors, all through the ingenuity of our phone number QR code tool.

What’s more, our phone number QR code generator has a dynamic QR option that allows you to track the performance of your QR code and measure ROI. Enjoy real-time analytics and make informed marketing choices!

Make it easy for customers to reach you

Our telephone QR codes can be used in a variety of marketing materials, but they're especially useful in printed materials like business cards, posters, and brochures. They're also great for generating leads at events such as trade shows, conferences, and seminars.

Our QR code generator allows you to create telephone-number QR codes that can be scanned by consumers or clients to connect directly with your company's phone line. The result is a seamless experience that makes it easy for prospects and clients alike to reach you quickly and efficiently.

What information is stored in the QR code for phone numbers?

The information stored in a QR code for phone numbers is the phone number itself.

The QR code can also hold other information, including the name of the person who owns the phone number and a link to their profile on different social media platforms.

QR codes can contain any type of data, including text, images, and audio files. Each part of the code can be encoded with its own unique data, making it possible to use QR codes to store a lot of information in a small space.

The most common use for QR codes is to embed links or other content into them. This allows you to share links with anyone who scans your QR code with their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

What are the benefits of using QR codes for phone numbers?

QR codes are a widely used technology that allows you to capture information on the go. They are a great way to share important information with customers, clients, and employees.

Here are some of the benefits of using QR codes for phone numbers:

Share information easily.

QR codes offer an easy way to share important information with customers and employees. QR codes have become an increasingly popular way of sharing information on the internet. The codes are embedded into products or packaging, allowing consumers to quickly scan a code and access additional information about the product they are interested in purchasing.

QR codes can fit in anything.

They can be printed on business cards, invoices, or any other document that needs to be shared with someone who has a smartphone. They can be printed on business cards, invoices, or any other document that needs to be shared with someone who has a smartphone. That's why QR codes are an efficient way to share a phone number with someone. They are fast and easy to read, and they can be used in many different ways. The best thing about QR codes is that they are portable — you can hand them out or put them on a mobile device like a phone or tablet so you're always ready to pass along important information.


QR codes are easy to understand and use, which makes them appropriate for many different circumstances. For example, they can be used by people who are new to technology or those who have limited computer skills.

Cost-effective and practical

QR codes for phone numbers are a cost-effective way to get your business in front of potential customers. The cost of producing your QR code is minimal, and the cost of getting it out to consumers is also low. In addition, people who have a smartphone will be able to scan the code at any time, regardless of where they are.

Creating QR codes is easy

Creating a QR code for a phone number is easy, as it requires just a few steps. The process of creating the code is just a matter of reading. Many QR code generators allow you to create different types of QR codes in a minute or less. There's no need to study programming languages. The process of scanning the code is also simple—simply point your mobile device at the code and press "scan."

A step-by-step guide to creating your Instagram QR code

Head to QR Stuff

Go to qrstuff.com in your browser. Directly on the homepage, you’ll see the option “Business Links” in the Data Type section. Under that, click the "Phone Number."

Provide the Necessary Information

On the next page, provide your phone number in the available field.

Customize your QR code as much as you like

Under “Style”, you can customize your QR code to reflect your brand or business. You can adjust the colors, tweak the shapes (rounded or normal), change their size...and add your own logo/image for a QR code that stands out from the crowd.

Print your code

Once your phone number QR code is all set up, you can start printing and distributing your QR codes.

What happens when someone scans your code?


When users scan their QR code on an Android device, the phone will automatically detect if they have the proper app installed. If so, the app will be the dialer app. Otherwise, the phone will prompt for app choices.


For iPhone users, even if they have the app installed, they will be prompted to choose between using it or using a browser.

Who can benefit from using a QR code for phone numbers?

The answer is anyone who wants to increase the engagement rate of their phone number. Using a QR code for phone numbers can be used by any company or individual that wants to increase the interaction of their marketing efforts.

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Paid QRStuff subscribers get access to dynamic QR codes. In essence, they allow you to change the destination of a QR code at any time.

In case you change your phone number in the future, you won't have to reprint QR codes and distribute them again. Just edit your dynamic codes and you're good!

Discover what goes into your QR code analytics.

As a paid subscriber, you get access to detailed analytics data. Subscribers using dynamic QR codes can see the date, time and location of each scan event in real-time—and can export this information as both a PDF document and an Excel spreadsheet.

This information can help you determine if the QR codes in your marketing materials are effective and how to improve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a QR code is easy. You only need to find a QR code generator. Many of them are available online, like ours. Visit our QR code generator page. You can create your QR code for your phone number right away. There's no need to sign up for an account. You only need to sign up for a paid account if you want to use the exclusive features of our QR code generator, such as analytics, and QR code styling, and content editing.

Yes. It is possible to use your phone number as a QR code. This is because the phone number consists of numbers and letters, which are both printable. You can also add an area code to this number and make it look like a QR code.

There are several websites that offer free services that help you create QR codes from your phone number. These services will convert your existing phone number into a QR code that you can then use on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.