QR Codes for Emails

Turn your email address into a QR code

With the help of our Email QR codes, you can easily share your email address with anyone, anytime. Nobody has to memorize anyone's email address anymore. With only a simple scan, anyone can have your email address typed into their “To” bar automatically. Our QR codes make email communication quick and smooth.

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What Email QR codes have to offer

We all love email because they are accessible and easy to use. But what if they could be even more accessible and even easier to use? Our email QR code technology makes that possible. If you want to maximize your email’s reach while minimizing the hurdles involved, our email QR codes are your best bet. No need to memorize an email address. No need to jot it into a notebook. Let our email QR codes plus your team’s mobile phones do the heavy lifting. You only need to embed it on your business card, newsletter, etc. With a simple scan, everyone gets quick and smooth access! This is as easy as it gets.