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No more mixed-up phone numbers or cluttered business cards: with QRStuff’s contact QR code generator, you can create, save, and print a contact QR code that shares all your contact details with a simple scan. And best of all, it’s free to use!

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What is a contact QR code generator?

A contact QR code generator creates a QR code (a type of barcode) that can be read by phones and tablets. When scanned, it pulls up a link featuring all your contact details, available to download and import into the user’s contact list. QRStuff’s contact QR code generator features an option to choose between static and dynamic codes (subscribers only), plus the ability to customize the code with a range of colors, shapes, and sizes. QR codes aren’t just boring black and white dots with QRStuff: you can even embed your own logo or image for a code with real personality.

Why should I use a contact QR code generator?

Let’s face it: sharing contact details can sometimes be a painful process. Reading out your number on the phone, scrawling someone’s email address down on an old scrap of paper…what if there were an easier way? With a contact QR code generator, there is! It’s a quick and straightforward way to let someone know how to get in touch with you. Here are just a few reasons why using a contact QR code generator is a winning choice:

Fast networking

Scanning a contact QR code is as quick as taking an old-school business card from someone, but with the added bonus that the contact information is already on your phone ready to use: ideal when you need to network in a hurry.

Works on all devices

Any smartphone or tablet with a camera can scan a QR code. QR code scanner apps are free to download, and newer models tend to have built-in QR scanning capabilities, making contact QR codes accessible to almost everybody.

Streamlined design

Contact QR codes can store a wealth of details, so by including one on your business card or portfolio, you can craft a clutter-free design that’s easy on the eye without sacrificing any key contact info.

What information is stored in a contact QR code?

A contact QR code can store all the information people might need to get in touch with you: full name, job title, organization, phone numbers, email address, physical address…it’s all encoded in a vCard or meCard format with a one-click download link, so when someone scans your contact QR code, they can import you straight into their contacts. Your QR code itself can be customized with different colors and even an image to suit your personal style.

What are the benefits of implementing a contact QR code?

Contact QR codes take networking to the next level, allowing you to share so much more information than a physical business card without an overloaded layout. What’s more, QRStuff’s contact QR code generator allows you to create static codes totally free of charge, while paid subscribers can create dynamic codes that are editable at any time – perfect when you change your phone number or email address, but don’t want to reprint a huge stack of business cards.

How to use the contact QR code generator

Step 1: Get started

To get started, visit, where you’ll find the contact QR code generator on the homepage. In section 1, choose Contact Details.

Step 2: Enter your info

In section 2, you can choose your preferred format (vCard or meCard) and encoding option (static or dynamic). See below for more details on these options. Then it’s time to enter all your contact info in the relevant boxes.

Step 3: Style it out

In section 3, you can adjust everything relating to the visual design of your QR code: color, shape, size, and even file format (including .png, .jpg., and .gif). For a real personal touch, drag and drop your own image or logo.

vCard and meCard: what’s the difference


meCard is a more compact format that has the advantage of being scannable without an internet connection. The format does have a couple of downsides: cell phone, fax number and job title cannot be included, and only static codes are available.


A vCard can be either static or dynamic. This format is more widely used than meCard but makes for a larger file that can be less readable (see “Static versus dynamic” below for more info).

Who might use a contact QR code generator?

Contact QR codes are an ideal option in the world of business and beyond. Here are a few examples of professions that could benefit from using these handy codes.


As a salesperson, you have to battle for every new lead. Adding a contact QR code with an enticing call to action on your business card will intrigue potential clients and leave them more likely to make that all-important phone call.


Getting a foot in the door is the hardest part of job-hunting. With a well-placed contact QR code on your card, you can ensure that potential employers have all the info they need to get in touch should an opportunity arise.


As a doctor, you’re the first port of call for the local community when they have a medical issue. Why not stick contact QR codes up around your surgery so people can save your contact details on their phone?

Dos and don’ts for your contact QR code

To make sure your contact QR code is a success, the first thing to ensure before printing the code is that all the info is correct: after all, there’s nothing more frustrating than dialing a wrong number. Secondly, make sure the printed code is at least 2 cm by 2 cm so that it is large enough to be scanned. Finally, add a call to action that gives people a bit of encouragement, such as a simple “Scan me!”.

Branch out with QR codes

If you’re already using contact QR codes for work, why not take a look at what else these powerful little codes can do for you? As well as a free contact QR code generator, QRStuff offers 25 other data types including QR codes for Instagram, YouTube, PDF files, plain text, images, and much more – perfect for getting your name out there and showcasing your portfolio. And with QR codes seemingly becoming more popular with every passing day, they’re a great future-proof investment.

Static versus dynamic

If you’ve been reading all about QR codes, you’ve probably heard a lot of mention of static and dynamic codes. If you’re still in the dark about what exactly they are and what the difference is, this guide is here to help you out. First things first: a static QR code business card embeds the contact information into the code itself. This means that the contact details cannot be changed without needing to create a new code. In the case of a vCard QR code, embedding so much information into a static code can make it too dense for many cell phones to read, so a dynamic QR code is a safer option. Dynamic contact QR codes take the user to a URL where they can download the contact info in VCF format with one click. Since the only information that needs to be embedded into the code in this case is the link itself, the code is much less dense, improving its scannability.

Editable codes and much more

A dynamic contact QR code generator is just one of many great benefits available to paid QRStuff subscribers. Just imagine the scenario: you’ve had to change your phone number, but you don’t want to reprint hundreds of business cards. With a dynamic code, it’s no bother: you simply edit the link that the code directs to, and hey presto! Your QR code business card is updated without needing to edit the code itself. And if that’s not exciting enough on its own, paid subscribers also get unlimited scans, vector and raster images, and access to analytics data. The latter shows you the date, time, location, and device type each time your QR code is scanned, so you can see how people are engaging with your networking efforts and optimize your marketing strategies where needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a QR code for a contact on your iPhone is easy and it only takes a few steps.

  1. Go to and choose Contact Details in the Data Type section.
  2. In the next section, fill in all the required details.
  3. At this point, you have the option to change the colors of the dots of your QR code. You can also choose your preferred size & resolution, file type, and error correction level for the QR code.
  4. Test if your QR code is working properly then proceed to download.

Yes, scanning a QR code containing contact details allows the user who scans the QR code to save the details in their contacts.