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Create QR codes for business cards

With a QR code business card, potential new customers and collaborators can simply scan a code on their device to see all your contact details (and more) in one place. And with QRStuff, you can create this powerful marketing tool totally free of charge.

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What is a QR Code Generator for business cards?

QR Code Generator for business cards is a tool that lets you quickly and easily create a QR code business card. You can customize your QR code with a range of design options including the size and resolution, the file type, and even the color, to generate a code that suits your needs. Best of all, there’s no need to sign up to use the generator: all features are available to free users, with no expiration date and no restrictions on commercial use. And there’s even more on offer for paid subscribers, who can update their dynamic code if their contact details change.

Why should you use a QR code business card?

QR codes seem to be everywhere nowadays: at restaurants, in stores, on billboards… And with good reason: their simplicity makes them the ideal tool in a wide variety of situations. The world of business is no different. While straightforward physical business cards might not be a thing of the past just yet, here are a few reasons why you should bring your marketing into the 21st century with a QR code business card:

A one-stop shop for all your info

A quick scan is all it takes to view all your information: contact details, logo or profile photo, social media links, and even an embedded Google Maps location if you like: much more than a physical business card could ever offer!

A clutter-free look

Unlike a physical business card crammed with information, a QR code is small, streamlined, and easy to insert wherever you need it. By scanning your code, prospective customers and collaborators can then access all your details.

Totally free to create

Using QRStuff to create a static QR code business card is 100% free—no hidden fees! If you’re looking for even more functionality, you can become a paid subscriber for access to dynamic QR codes and analytics info.

What information is stored in a QR code business card?

A QR code business card can store a multitude of information, giving users all the details they need to reach out to you. This includes your name and job title plus all your contact info (landline, cellphone, email, and postal address). What’s more, your card can incorporate a logo or profile photo, links to all your social media platforms (up to 11 networks), and an optional embedded Google Maps location. Last but not least, a “Click to talk/Click to SMS” link lets people get in touch with you with just one click—it doesn’t get easier than that.

What are the benefits of using a QR code business card?

The benefits for free users include a QR code that never expires and has no restrictions on commercial use—it’s ready to go to work right away! On top of all this, paid subscribers can also enjoy dynamic codes that are editable: perfect if any of your details change. What’s more, paid subscribers also get access to analytics, offering a behind-the-scenes look at how your code is being used.

What do I need before I create my QR code business card?

Accurate and up-to-date contact details

Before you hit “Save”, double-check that all your contact information is correct—there’s nothing worse than missing out on business because potential customers keep sending their inquiries to a non-existent email address.

A logo or profile photo

You can add an image to your QR code business card, and we recommend that you do so to make it more dynamic and impactful. Have your company’s logo ready, or a professional headshot if you operate as an individual.

Social media accounts

Take a look at the full list of social platforms you can link to: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Pinterest, Meetup… it might seem a little overwhelming, but consider setting up accounts for any platforms you don’t have already that could represent new channels for your business.

Customize your code

Play with color

You can tweak the colors of your code, including both the stroke and fill, for bold visual impact. Don’t be afraid to play around with these options to find a look that’s right for your business.

Get the file type you need

QRStuff offers 3 different file types for your QR code business card, so check out the requirements for the places you want to use it—whether that’s a print shop or online—and select the file type that fits the bill.

How do I use the QR code business card generator?

Creating your QR code business card with the generator is easy: simply follow the steps below, and your code will be ready to use in just a few clicks.


Get started

Go to www.qrstuff.com and select “Business Card” under Data Type.


Add your info

Under Content, click “Create Yours Now” and fill in all the details you’d like featured on the card. Don’t forget to click “Save”.


Tweak your settings

Adjust the settings as desired under Style to get your code looking how you want it, then choose whether to print it, send it by email, or create a visual code at the bottom.

Get a code that changes as you do

If you want the flexibility to have your QR code redirect to an edited business card over time, you can opt for a dynamic QR code using our paid subscription service. For example, let’s say you have a stack of physical business cards printed with your QR code on them, but you’ve just changed your contact details. With a dynamic QR code, you can simply edit the URL that the code redirects to, and bingo! No need for another visit to the print shop.

Delve deeper with analytics

Want to find out how people are interacting with your QR code business card? Another feature of our paid subscriber service is analytics data. You can get access to an account dashboard showing you the date, time, device type and location for each scan event, in real time, allowing you to understand how well your code is working and optimize it where necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

A QR code business card, as the name suggests, is a business card where all the information is contained in the form of a QR code: a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares. When someone scans the code using a mobile device, the business card is displayed in full with all the details you’d expect.

There are various possibilities when it comes to using a QR code business card. You can get the best of both worlds by printing the QR code on physical cards: the result is a business card that you can hand out in person but that remains digitally connected. Alternatively, you can use the code as a vCard (or “virtual contact card”), making it easy to share contact details between mobile devices with a simple scan—ideal for fuss-free networking.

All kinds! The list really is endless: business consultants, personal trainers, photographers, to name just a few… If you’re in an industry where you want to communicate a lot of information to potential clients and business partners but don’t want a cluttered, hard-to-read business card, a QR code business card is the ideal option for you.

While QR codes are seemingly everywhere these days, not all these barcodes are created equal. Check out our top tips for a successful QR code business card.

First things first, think size. If you’re planning to print your code on a physical card, you’ll want it small, but don’t go too tiny: any less than 2cm (0.8") will make your code almost impossible to scan.

Next up, make sure the material you’re printing on is high-quality and allows the code to be displayed clearly. Anything too reflective or distorted is a big no-no. And speaking of quality, it goes without saying that the QR code image itself shouldn’t be pixelated or blurry—after all, it’s the star of the show!

Don’t just sit back and rest on your laurels once you’ve added the code to your business card. Add a call to action nearby that encourages people to interact with it; even a simple “Scan here!” can do the job.

Ensure a flawless user experience by avoiding these simple mistakes.

Once your QR code is up and running and you’ve created your business card, don’t forget to test it! Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer or collaborator, scan the QR code, and try to objectively judge how user-friendly the experience is. Better yet, ask friends and family to test it out and provide their honest feedback. You can then make tweaks to your code and card accordingly.

Last but not least: we love QR codes—that’s obvious, right?—but they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. If your business brings you into contact with a lot of people who may not have a smartphone for whatever reason, it might be best to consider another option or to ensure that your business card also functions as a standalone item, regardless of whether people are able to scan it.