QR Codes for Registration and Check-in

Turn your registration form into a QR code

Using QR codes for registration and check-in is an amazing way to get names and contact details in front of potential customers. Are you familiar with QR codes? They're making a big comeback thanks to smartphone technology and barcodes. Their popularity can help in boosting events in your business, especially if you're using them for marketing. How's that possible? Here's what you need to know about using QR codes for registrations and check-ins.

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How our registration QR code can assist you

Why struggle to register people for your upcoming event when you can have our Registration QR codes do all the legwork for you? All you have to do is generate a registration template with Google forms, Microsoft forms, or any other survey tool.

Then have our QR generator turn the template into a registration QR code. Now send via email, social media, flyers, etc. to your contacts. Get foresight into the amount of space you need to allocate for the event, the number of resources you need, etc. Create an enjoyable and memorable event experience for your attendees.

Why should I use a QR code for registrations?

With QR codes, you can provide a frictionless experience for attendees and improve your event management process in multiple ways. Here are some of the best reasons why you should use QR codes for registrations.

Improve data collection

The biggest benefit of using QR codes for registrations is that it improves data collection.

The problem with paper registrations is that they are hard to track and there's no easy way to collect data afterward. With a QR code, you can easily gather data about your attendees and their responses. This information can be used to improve your event in the future, as well as for marketing purposes.

Reduce human error

Using a QR code for registration and check-in is a great way to reduce human error by making the process more automated. For example, if you have multiple people checking in for your event, you can use a QR code for each participant's information instead of having them manually fill out the same information again and again.

It also makes it easier for people who have mobility issues — they can scan the code using their phone's camera, which provides them with everything they need to know about the event and participate without having the traditional process of registration.

Increase efficiency

QR codes are already in use by many companies, but they're only used for check-in and registration. With the new QR code registration system, people can easily get your information and check you in at the same time. The process is also faster since there are no paper forms or waiting lines.

QR codes have become very popular among both businesses and consumers due to their convenience and simplicity.

Limit on-site lines and wait times

You want to ensure that your event is well attended, but you don’t want the lines to get too long. By using a QR code, you can ensure that there are no longer any lines at check-in and that the check-in process is quick and efficient. That way, people can get through quickly and not have to wait in line for too long.

Moreover, people will more likely attend your event if you're giving them convenience. Consumers now pick businesses that aren't giving them a lengthy process for checkout, check-in, delivery, registration, etc...

Improve overall satisfaction before, during, and after the event

An easy, quick and convenient way to register is with a QR code. It is a simple and effective solution that allows your attendees to register in advance, even before the start of the event.

The QR code will have all relevant information about your event so that everyone can find it easily and quickly. This will make sure that there are no problems during the registration process.

It also helps you get rid of any paper forms which may take longer to fill out. You can therefore improve overall satisfaction before, during, and after the event.

What information is stored in a QR code for registration?

QR codes could contain any type of data. In the past, they were used to store phone numbers and web addresses. Now they're being used to store everything from contact information to product pricing and availability.

QR codes are more than just a way to share information with others; they're also a great way for companies to collect data about their customers. By submitting an email address or other contact information to the code, people can be notified when something new is available on your site.

The QR code in the registration form contains an online form that you can complete and submit. The form is intended to collect your customer's personal information so you can use them for marketing or to keep them informed of your upcoming events and programs.

A step-by-step guide to creating your QR Code for registration.

Creating a QR code is easy, especially if you use our QR code generator. QR Stuff is one of the best QR code generators on the internet for a number of reasons. For instance, it's one of the easiest to use because you don't even need to study programming language. You only need to choose the right Data Type for your QR code and provide the necessary information. To give you an idea here's a step-by-step guide on creating a QR code for registration.

Create Landing Pages Using Google Forms

You can also collect email addresses on Google Forms.

Creating Google Forms for a signup process or subscription form is easy. First, visit the Google Forms website (https://docs.google.com/forms/ ). Make sure that you’re logged in with your Google account.

After that, create a new blank form: Press the new blank form button.

Create a name for the form. Also, be sure to write a brief description of its purpose and enter instructions for the user.

Choose the right options when choosing the data you want to get from your audience. Once done, test your Google Form and if it works perfectly, copy its URL and save it on your notes.

Creating a QR Code

After creating your landing pages, you can now create a QR code. Head over to our QR code generator and do the following:

  • First, go to our QR code generator page and have the “Website URL” data type pre-selected from the Data Type section.
  • In the next section, paste the address or URL of your landing page or online form.
  • Wait for the QR code generator to finish processing. After that, you can then download the QR code.

What happens when someone scans your code?


When users scan the QR code for registration on an Android device, the phone will automatically detect if they have the proper app installed for the registration form. If so, the app will open and display the form. Otherwise, they’ll access your event registration form via a browser.


For iPhone users, even if they have the app installed, iOS will prompt them to choose whether they would like to access it through the app or directly from Safari.

Who can benefit from using a QR code for registration?

The use of a QR code for registration is beneficial to both the business and the customer. For the business, it allows them to provide an easy way for customers to register without having to fill out a lengthy form.

For customers, they can quickly and easily enter their details and be on their way.

To know more about this, here are the individuals and organizations that will benefit from QR codes for registrations and check-ins.

Event organizers

In most cases, the first option when it comes to online registration is the use of a QR code. It is simple and fast, not to mention that it has a very high rate of success.


Hotels and other businesses that require registration can benefit from using a QR code for their registration process. The main reason is that it allows the user to scan the code with their smartphone, which opens up a mobile-friendly website or an online form that will get all of the necessary information from them.

Charities and non-profit organizations

The QR code is an easy and convenient way to collect information from donors, donors can quickly scan the code with their mobile device and then enter their information. You can also use the QR code as a way to encourage donors to donate money directly into your account instead of giving it through a donation box on your website. This ensures that all donations go directly into your bank account for tax purposes and makes it easier for people who are new to donating with credit cards.

Get a dynamic QR code for additional benefits

Subscribers to QRStuff's Full Suite plan have access to dynamic QR codes. These allow you to alter the destination of a QR code without having to create an entirely new one.

Explore your QR code analytics

One other great benefit of becoming a paid subscriber is the analytics data it provides. Dynamic QR codes can be monitored in real time, providing a stream of data about each scan event—including the date and time, device type and location.

This will give you an accurate picture of how often—and where—people are using your QR code. That way, you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly to maximize its effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Visit our QR code generator page and have the “Website URL” data type pre-selected from the Data Type section.
  • In the next section, paste the address or URL of your landing page or online form.
  • Wait for the QR code generator to finish processing. After that, you can then download the QR code.