QR Codes for Songs

Turn your song into a QR code

Let our QR code for songs help you share your music covers and original works with the rest of the world. Drive-up listens and jazz up your subscriber count on all music hosting platforms. You can be the song that is on everybody’s playlist and everybody’s rewind. Take the first step today.

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Can a QR code for song promote your lyrical content?

The whole world is at your beck and call. You can be the next music icon. Take the first step toward that by sharing your songs with our QR code. Whether you host on Spotify, SoundCloud, or iTunes, we can help you reach more ears and more hearts!

Simply link your music page to our QR code and personalize it with an engaging album art cover. Now, share it on your socials. Congrats! You've made it simple for people to find you. You've also given fans the ability to scan and listen to your music.

Share a copy of recorded consultation without the hassle

Audio files can be a useful format for business people in sharing information with their clients. Consultants can record their consultations with their clients and give them a copy of the meetings through an audio QR code. Doing this can provide value to the clients knowing that they can always listen to the recording of the meeting through the file.

The client can also use this audio file for reference later on when they need to refresh their memory about what was discussed during the meeting or if they want to share it with others who weren't present in the meeting.

Audio QR codes are convenient because it is easy to share them with others through social media such as Facebook and Instagram, email, WhatsApp or other messaging platforms like Telegram and WhatsApp Messenger.

Easily share audio files to students

Audio QR codes are a great way to share audio files with students.

Nowadays, many teachers use audio files in their lessons. They use it in different ways, which can include:

  • Giving assignments to students in the form of audio files;
  • Including audio files as teaching materials for hearing performances, case study materials, etc.;
  • Saving lecture recordings in an audio file;
  • Having a recording of interviews with experts saved in an audio file;
  • Asking students to provide audio diaries or student reflections saved in an audio file;
  • Providing a recording of meetings, discussions, and tutorials through audio files.

As such, teachers can benefit from sharing audio files through audio QR codes too. It removes the hassle of asking students to download from a URL. All they need to do is scan the audio QR code and they’ll redirected to the audio file in less than a minute.