QR Codes for Business

Turn your business ID into a QR code

Let our business QR codes help you better introduce your business and product offerings to prospective clients. With this technology, you can easily direct people to your business websites, landing pages, and socials. Generate qualified leads without breaking a sweat. Every unique scan can be a new customer signing on.

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Why you need to check out our business QR codes

As a marketing rule of thumb, an elevator pitch must include elements that will make a lasting impression on your prospective client. We offer just what you need to pitch in style and win customers over — our business QR codes.

Besides the regular business URLs you can share, our business QR code lets you create a crisp company page, replete with a commanding logo and an inspiring (call to action) CTA. Let your professionalism and proactiveness shine through and through. At the same time, increase sales and stay connected with your customers. Your customers will never stop coming back for more.