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Are you looking to become the next big thing in the music industry? If so, you can start by advertising your work with our Apple Music QR codes. Our Apple Music QR codes are designed to boost your listens and subscriber count with a simple scan. They basically make it easy for people to find your music.

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What are Apple Music QR Codes?

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be read by portable device cameras, such as mobile phones. They are often used to share URLs, contact information, and other data between devices.

Apple music QR codes are a type of QR code that will lead people to a music artist, song, or podcast.

What information is stored in an Apple Music QR code?

A QR code can contain different types of data, including text, graphics, and multimedia. However, the most common type of data stored in a QR code is a web address, which can be used to direct the user to an exact location on the internet.

An Apple Music QR code can contain a link to an artist's page, song, or any content on the platform. Also, it could contain a link to your website where people can see all of your music and albums and purchase them directly from there if you choose to do so.

Advantages of Apple Music QR codes

There must be a billion individual songs on Apple Music. So, how do you make sure your creativity is not lost? Our Apple Music QR codes can help you with that! After a snappy scan, your fans will be led straight to your song or album on Apple Music. You can also share your playlist with your friends easily by turning the playlist URL into a QR code. Think of our Apple Music QR code tool as a way to stamp your presence on the Apple Music scene — because that is what it does!

Why Should You Use Apple Music QR Codes?

The way you present yourself or your brand on the internet can determine your success. People won't bother checking your different social media platforms if you don't have something interesting to offer.

That's why it's necessary for you to stand in the crowd, and differentiate yourself from your competitors. QR codes can help you do that.

Wonder how's that possible? Take a look at the different reasons why you should use Apple Music QR codes:

Apple Music QR codes are easy to create, share and scan

QR codes are extremely easy to create and share. You can easily make a QR code for your Apple Music content without learning any programming language. There are many QR code generators on the internet that will let you create any type of QR code by just providing all the necessary information.

The easiest way to scan an Apple Music QR code is by tapping on it with your iPhone's camera app. Once tapped, the user will receive a pop-up window asking them if they want to download the song or not. If they choose to download it, then they will be taken through a series of steps such as signing up for an Apple ID or paying for an album before being able to listen to the song on their device.

You can add them to marketing campaigns

When you want to reach more people with your promotional campaigns, you can use these QR codes to increase the chances of your audience engaging with your content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The users will be able to scan the codes and listen to your content using their smartphones.

This tool is often used to give the target audience access to exclusive content such as original playlists or artist interviews that can help drive traffic back onto your website or blog post about your podcast or new album release and upcoming tour dates.

You can also post them offline or on your printed marketing materials.

You can use the QR code to directly link to a specific song, artist, or playlist, making it easier for people to find your content.

The codes will work even if you posted them on your offline or printed marketing materials. As long as your target audience has access to an internet connection, the QR code will work and lead people to your content. This is also a great way to promote events and other information from your social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

You can build a fan base off of the code.

The QR code is an easy way to distribute your music and get people excited about it. You can use the code to get people talking about your music, and then you can send them links to purchase their music or make requests for interviews. This will help you start building your fan base and make it easier for them to spread the word about your music.

Make it Easy to Subscribe

When you're launching a new Apple Music page, you want to make it easy for people to subscribe. You can do this by creating a QR code that visitors can scan with their phones.

The best part? QR codes are everywhere. They're on billboards, bus shelters, and more.

You can use this QR code to help people subscribe to your Apple Music page without typing the link on their browser. This is helpful if you're also marketing your content using printed materials. People will be able to follow your music on the go and receive notifications about new releases and other updates related to your music career.

What are the benefits of using an Apple Music QR code?

It's cost-effective

QR codes are free to use and mobile phones can be a great way to reach out to new customers. If you're a small business, independent artist, or a starting podcaster, it's possible that you may have limited marketing budgets available. But if you're running a promotion or giving away something for free, the Apple Music code is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your message across.

It's easy to create and access

Creating a QR code is easy and relatively quick. You can create them in bulk or in sections, depending on how you want to distribute them. You can also use them on your website or social media pages as well as in email campaigns and direct mailers. This makes it easy for people to access your content wherever they are at any time of day or night.

Creating your Apple Music QR code

Go to QRStuff

First, head to in your browser. Directly on the homepage, you’ll see the option “iTunes Link” underneath “Data Type”.

Let us know the music you want to share

Enter the URL of your Apple music (whether it's a song, podcast, or artist page.

Personalize your QR code.

On the Style page, feel free to make adjustments on your QR code. Change the colors, choose between a rounded or normal eye ball shape, or between having squared or rounded modules. If you’re a paid subscriber, you can also add a logo to your QR code. Take your time.

Test and Print your code

Don’t forget to test if your code works properly before you proceed to download and print your code. You can also take advantage of QRStuff’s partnership with Zazzle. It’s your call if you want your Apple music QR codes to get printed on business cards, posters, T-shirts or any merch they offer.

Who Can Use Apple Music QR Codes?

Music artists

If you are a musician and you want to promote your music, you can use the Apple Music QR Code. It will allow people who have an app installed on their devices to scan the code and get access to your music. You will also be able to see how many times the people have scanned your codes, which is very useful for you. You can even check out what type of music they listen to or what kind of music they like. This will help you improve your music in the future.


If you're a producer, you can use Apple Music QR codes to promote the music of your talents and get fans excited about it. This is a great way to get more people interested in your talents and provide an easy way for them to find out more about what they have to offer.


The Apple Music QR codes are great for podcasters who want to do promotional giveaways. It's a simple way to get more listeners and engage in conversations with them.

More perks when you subscribe

Paid QRStuff subscribers have access to additional useful features.

For starters, subscribers can use all the features of the Style page—including embedding a logo in their Apple music QR codes. Make your logotype an integral part of every link you share on social media with it!

That's only the beginning. Your subscription comes with lots of other great benefits!

Paid subscribers can edit the content of their dynamic QR codes anytime. Had a change of mind of what to link to your Apple music QR code and you've already shared the code? No need to generate a new QR code each time you want to change its destination. Just edit and save!

There's a dashboard that subscribers can access that unlocks a lot more QR code features.

If you want to know how many people have scanned your Apple music QR codes, you can find that out by checking the analytics on your QR code scanner. You'll have all of the information about when and where scans occurred.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can customize your Apple Music QR code using our QR code generator. However, you must be a paid user to access the QR code styling tool.

You can post an Apple Music QR code offline or in printed materials. However, people who scan it need an internet connection to view your Apple Music content.