Apple Music QR Codes

Turn your Apple Music ID into a QR code

Are you looking to become the next big thing in the music industry? If so, you can start by advertising your work with our Apple Music QR codes. Our Apple Music QR codes are designed to boost your listens and subscriber count with a simple scan. They basically make it easy for people to find your music.

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Advantages of Apple Music QR codes

There must be a billion individual songs on Apple Music. So, how do you make sure your creativity is not lost? Our Apple Music QR codes can help you with that! After a snappy scan, your fans will be led straight to your song or album on Apple Music. You can also share your playlist with your friends easily by turning the playlist URL into a QR code. Think of our Apple Music QR code tool as a way to stamp your presence on the Apple Music scene — because that is what it does!