QR Codes for email addresses

Turn your email address into a QR code

Turn your email address into a “fast-track” communication tool with the help of our Email address QR code. Generate the QR code, attach it to your promotional material and hand it out. Now, your audience no longer has to enter your address when sending you an email. A simple scan will do that for them!

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The best thing about our Email address QR code

The world of work is becoming increasingly fast paced. Stay on top of it by fast-tracking your email conversations. Our email QR codes are your best choice if you want to increase the reach of your email while lowering the barriers to entry. The idea is to make it simple for people to send you an email without having to type an email address.

Use it to boost access to your inbox. With a simple scan, your employees, customers, and leads can effortlessly contact you. Avoid time losses, clumsy processes, and unnecessary communication expenses.