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QR codes are a quick and easy way to get business cards, videos, social media profiles and other content on your iPhone or iPad. As there are more and more businesses and individuals using QR codes, it’s important to know how to use a QR code on your Apple device.

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How to Scan QR Codes with your iPhone Or iPad (iOS)

There are lots of reasons to use and love QR codes! They save paper and are therefore better for the environment. They allow business owners to share and update information without the time and money it takes to print and reprint things. They allow users to view and save the information digitally using their phones or tablets.

You can find a complicated website URL without having to type it all out yourself, and so much more! They are an exciting part of the future with endless possibilities for use! If you own an iPhone or an iPad, here is how to scan QR codes with your Apple device.

Step 1

Start off by scrolling through your home screen, finding and then pressing the camera app on your phone. It’s a gray box with a picture of a black camera with a little yellow light on it. It’s the same app you use to take normal pictures and videos with.

Step 2

Make sure the space you’re in is well lit. Carefully point the camera at the QR code and try to be as still as possible. Try to center the QR code and get the code fully in view, without being too close or too far away so it’s sharp and clear and in focus in the viewfinder.

Step 3

A URL or link of some kind will pop up. Carefully press on the link and it will automatically take you to the content or information you are seeking. If nothing pops up, try scanning the QR code again at a closer or farther distance.

Is your iPhone's app still not working?

Follow these tips:

Check that you’re using the correct orientation of the QR code. QR codes come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure that you are holding your scanner in the right way. Most QR codes have a certain orientation (vertical or horizontal) which is oftentimes indicated by an arrow or other symbol. Also make sure you center it correctly.

Try not to shake or move your phone while scanning the QR codes. QR code scanners are finicky when it comes to the movement of your phone. They need to get a clear, focused image. Shaking or moving too much typically causes scan errors.

Check the lighting. Another common reason for unsuccessful QR code scanning is bad lighting. If the QR Code is too dark, it may be difficult or impossible to scan. Try to always scan in a well-lit area.

Your QR code is blocked by something. When scanning a QR code, make sure that the code has nothing in the way or is cut off. If even something small is covering up a tiny part, it can cause issues. Make sure the QR code is completely visible and clear.

Be patient. Scanning QR codes is not always an instantaneous process. If your Wi-Fi or internet connection is slow, it may take longer than you expect. So be patient before you give up on scanning completely and wait at least a minute.

Try QRStuff QR code scanner. Perhaps there is a software issue or it’s a unique type of code your iPhone or iPad doesn’t recognize. Go to QRStuff QR code Scanner. It’s free and easy to use!

Using QRStuff QR Code Scanner

QRStuff offers a QR code scanner that allows you to create your own QR codes and scan codes in one convenient iOS-friendly website.

The site is a great alternative to using the Apple camera because QRStuff offers a more secure scanner. Unlike your iOS camera, it gives you a preview of the QR content before taking action and sending you immediately to the site, allowing you to choose if you actually want to go to the site or content. Imagine you just realized the QR code took you to a scam site, or tried to take you somewhere inappropriate, or a site loaded with popups that could crash your phone. QRStuff QR Code Scanner helps you avoid these unpleasant situations seamlessly!

In addition, QRStuff QR Code Scanner allows you to also create your own codes! You can then use these codes to put on menus, share emails, business cards, websites, phone numbers, print and online advertisements, and more. It’s a fast, convenient and safe way to share your content with friends, family, clients and business associates. Learn how easy it is to use below.

How to Use the QRStuff QR Code Scanner on iOS

Learning how to use the QRStuff QR code scanner is quick, easy and secure on your iPhone and iPad.

Step 1

On your iPhone or iPad, open your web browser like Safari or Chrome. Then, type in the search window. Now select “Scan” from the menu in the top right corner that looks like 3 horizontal white lines.

Step 2

You will be sent to the QR code scanner page. You will then need to give permission to QRStuff to access your device’s camera to allow the scanner to be able to capture the QR code. Conveniently, you only need to grant permission the first time you use it. It will work automatically in the future!

Step 3

Point your iPhone or iPad camera at the QR code to be scanned. You will see a preview of the content, and then be taken to the content the QR code holds such as a website, menu, email or phone number!

How to Create a Shortcut to Use the QR Stuff QR Code Scanner Like an App


First, launch your web browser, like Safari or Chrome, and go to the scanner page by finding “Scan” in the top right menu. Tap the “Share” button on the toolbar that looks like a rectangle with an arrow pointing upward.


Tap the “Add to Home Screen” icon in the Share menu. You will then be prompted to enter a name for the shortcut. Name it something easy to remember like “QR Scanner”. The icon will then appear on your device’s home screen.


To use it, simply tap the shortcut icon to go to the QRStuff QR code scanner. Now it’s even easier and faster to use!

QRStuff Code Scan

The QRStuff QR Code Scanner is the perfect tool to scan your QR codes anytime and anywhere. Now you can easily and simply Generate, Download and Scan your QR codes all in one place –

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Frequently Asked Questions

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There is no actual “QR code scanner” app on your iPhone or iPad. It’s built into your camera app - you know, the one you use to take pictures? It’s a gray box with a black camera. Press it, hold it over the QR code and a URL or link should pop up!

You need to use your camera app, which will automatically scan the code. If you just hold your iPhone over a QR code, nothing will happen.

First, check that your Apple device is iOS 11 or above. If it’s not, either download a third-party app or update your iPhone. If it is, go to your camera settings and make sure the “QR code scan” feature is enabled. You may also have already scanned this code and cancelled the URL access by accident. If that’s the case, your iPhone won’t detect the QR code.

Nope! Using the QRStuff QR code scanner is 100% free. No need to create an account or anything.

However, being a QRStuff paid subscriber gives you unlimited access to our extended features such as advanced analytics for QR codes you create for the period of the subscription purchased.

There is no way to automatically make a QR code on your iOS device. You’ll need to find an app or website that helps you, ideally for free, like

At, we allow users to create their own QR codes for free. Our QR codes don’t have ads, are fully functional and non-expiring, and offer many other advanced great features with subscriptions, like advanced analytics, and more! Once you have created your own QR code, it’s easy to download it in PNG format and you can use it immediately. Email it to yourself to print it later or share it with your family, friends or business partners.

The free version of QRStuff allows you to choose between 23 QR code data types available. Then, you’ll only need to add your QR code content (your website URL, Facebook profile, contact details, etc.), choose if you want to make it static or dynamic, and personalize it to your taste. And that’s it, you’re done! Your QR code is now ready to use!

Check this article to find more details on how to create a free QR code with our QR Stuff QR code generator.