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QRStuff and our hassle-free QR Codes

At QRStuff we pride ourselves in offering everyone who visits our site the opportunity to quickly, easily and freely generate QR codes to suit their every need.

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About Our QR Codes

We do QR codes for a living and have been at the forefront of QR code technology since we started in late 2007.

We don't use the Google Charts API for QR Code generation - we've gone to the trouble of building and developing a custom ISO-compliant alogorithm - so we aren't bound by the data type, image size and resolution limits imposed by other sites that use somebody else's third-party generator as their back-end.

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  • Content dependent automatic array sizing between 21x21 modules (Version 1) and 117x117 modules (Version 25)
  • Maximum theoretical data capacity for alphanumeric data encoding of 4096 characters
  • "Quiet Zone" border width of 4 modules or 4% of symbol width, whichever is greater
  • Support for Level L, M, Q and H Reed-Solomon error correction
  • Full UTF-8 character encoding support
  • FNC1 indicators in accordance with the UCC/EAN Application Identifiers data format requirements where applicable
  • Please Note: 33x33 modules (Version 4) is the usual maximum workable limit of camera phone based scanning systems
  • Shortened URL encoding for dynamic QR codes based on our very own domain
  • SMS encoding limited to messages of <140 characters
  • JIS X 0510 and ISO/IEC 18004:2006 compliant
  • VCARD 2.0 and VACAL 2.0 compliant
  • Symbol rotation and structured append not supported

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DIY QR Code Printing

With our print formatted QR Codes you are only limited by your imagination and the printer media you have

Stick it on!

Just use plain paper and stick the printed QR Code onto something (or anything)


Print arrays are designed around common Avery template specifications so you can load up one of the standard sheets of stickers that we specify and have your QR Codes printed directly onto the sticker sheets and positioned correctly


Just use plain paper and stick the printed QR Code onto something (or anything)


Get some sheets of temporary tattoo transfer paper and print your custom QR Code removable skin tattoos with your laser printer or inkjet printer

How it works

QR Code T-shirts with Zazzle

We've partnered with Zazzle, a great US-based print-on-demand website (that delivers world-wide) to be able to offer you custom QR-Code t-shirts and polo shirts. Here is how it works:


Generate your code

Generate your code on our website and then click on the "Make A Shirt" icon.


Choose your shirt style

Choose the basic shirt style from those shown on the next page, and then click on the "Buy It" link.


Transfer to the Zazzle shop

You and your QR Code are then transferred to our shop on the Zazzle website where the QR Code is automatically put onto your chosen shirt type.


Design your shirt

Fine tune your selection by shirt type, colour, size and code postioning. At this stage you can also modify the artwork on the shirt itself adding text or other images to the design.



Arrange for payment and shipment directly with Zazzle and you will have a one-of-a-kind custom shirt, with your chosen data encoded in the QR Code printed on it, delivered to you in a matter of a few short days.

Give it a try!

The only way we could make this any easier for you is by offering to wear the shirt for you!

Generate your QR code now

Register for a paid account!

With a paid account, you can generate as many high resolution artwork quality QR Codes as you need for use in other projects, and for one low subscription fee.

Features of the account subscriber service include:

  • Generate PNG, JPG or TIF raster QR Code images at user-specified sizes up to 3000 pixels across and at your choice of 72dpi, 150dpi or 300dpi, or vector images in EPS, SVG or PDF file formats
  • Dynamic QR codes - change the destination of the QR code without altering the QR code image when using our URL shortener
  • QR codes generated by subscribers are not time-limited in any way, and continue to be fully functional even if your subscription expires. The subscription simply gives you more flexibility in how you create your QR codes
  • Analytics reporting
  • Directly download (save) your QR Code immediately, or email it to an email address
  • No recurrent billing. A courtesy reminder sent to you by email when your subscription is about to expire, so that you can come back and renew for another few months
  • A history facility allowing you to re-generate a past QR Code, or to browse the history of previous codes that you've created
  • JIS X 0510 and ISO/IEC 18004:2006 compliant

Batch Processing

Upload a single TSV file containing the details of up to 500 individual QR codes and process them as a single batch. Once processing has been completed a single ZIP file containing a image file for each of the QR codes in the batch can be downloaded or sent by email.

QR code image size, resolution, output file format (raster or vector) and colour can be specified for the QR codes in a batch. Batch processing directly supports our main data types and QR codes within a single batch can be mixed format.

Processing Large Batches

The maximum online batch size limit of 500 codes per batch has been set to avoid undue server load across the sessions of other users. For registered users with more than 20,000 codes to generate we offer a service whereby the job is run locally at our end - the cost of this service is:

US$2.50/1000 codes

(a reduced rate of US$1.10/1000 applies for jobs involving >100,000 codes)



processing fee

Just send us the TSV or Excel file containing your batch data and we'll look after the rest. The QR code image files for the batch are then emailed to you in zip files.

Payment is by Paypal prior to job commencement and turnaround is 48-72 hours from when payment has been received. Send us an email for more information.

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