Jo Cork, Dance Artist and Filmmaker, uses QR Stuff’s QR codes during pandemic


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Jo Cork, Dance Artist and Filmmaker at Studio Wayne McGregor QuestLab Network Artist has come up with a creative solution to engage her students during the Corona pandemic.

She is an external lecturer who teaches her students about art - specifically, dance - installations. The students are studying the module Dance and Technology. During the pandemic, she was unable to give them a physical experience of making an installation as they couldn’t be together, however she set tasks for them in order that they can - together, but remotely - make a piece of work that will engage them in creating and producing a piece of public facing performance work. 

She put the installation together free-of-charge in her own time with additional logistical planning done by the students as part of their assignments. 

Each student made a short dance clip which was uploaded to Youtube. They then placed posters in the site of each dance with a QR code, so the passing public can scan the code and view the dance as if it were augmented reality in the space in which they stand.

Here is a sample poster that was used for this purpose:

Just another original and resourceful idea for which QR codes can be used! If you'd like to create a video QR code similar to this one, take a look at our informative guide on how to share videos.

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