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Here's a Guide on how to use QR codes for the rest of the year

Here’s A Guide on How to Use QR Codes for the Rest of this Year

One of the most important things about marketing is knowing what is trending for the rest of the year. If you look at the internet, it’s obvious that QR Codes are one of the biggest trends in 2022. A lot of businesses are using them in their marketing campaigns, but not a lot have an […]

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5 Ways To Ensure Your QR Code Campaign is Successful

5 Ways To Ensure Your QR Code Campaign is Successful

Many businesses are investing in QR codes and don’t really know what they should prepare to make sure the engagement rates and conversion numbers are high. You should avoid doing the same because it will probably end in wasted time, effort, and money.  We know that guaranteeing successful QR code campaigns can be a challenge. […]

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5 Smart Reasons Your Business Should Start to Add QR Codes On Receipts

QR codes can seem like a very technical addition to a receipt. They may not seem applicable to your business and you may be wondering why you would need them. Well here are 5 reasons that your business should add QR code on receipts. A receipt QR code is the most efficient way to get […]

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How To Use QR Codes to Make Your Business Go Viral

If you’ve ever dreamed of your business gaining millions of hits on social media with your newest product launch or want your startup to do more press coverage, you’re going to love this article! This article will share some tips and strategies that can help you add QR codes to your business. QR codes are […]

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QR Codes for Business: Why Are They Useful?

QR Codes for Business: Why Are They Useful?

QR codes have emerged as an effective tool for businesses seeking to increase customer engagement, especially among mobile users. The information encoded through QR codes can be accessed using a code reader application on a mobile device. This capability, combined with its growing popularity, makes QR codes a versatile and efficient tool for businesses looking […]

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QR Codes for Music Artists: Here's why You should be Using them

QR Codes for Music Artists: Here’s Why You Should Be Using Them

QR Codes can be a useful tool for music artists. A QR Code can help you connect with fans, get your music heard by more people, and share contact info in an easy-to-scan format. When you have a QR Code on your album cover, it’s easier to invite fans to visit your website or social […]

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Video QR Codes: Why They Are A Must For Your Marketing

Generating leads can be challenging for businesses large and small. While social media, SEO, and inbound marketing are a big step forward for businesses, Video QR Codes take the lead generation process to a new level. If you’ve never heard of video QR codes before, we’ll be explaining everything you need to know.  What are […]

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Tips & best practices on using Virtual Event QR code

Tips & Best Practices on Using Virtual Event QR Codes

QR Codes are a fun, interactive way to get people involved with your next event. They are also a powerful tool you can use to drive traffic and increase attendee engagement.  However, to ensure the success of using an event QR code, it’s important to treat this like any marketing campaign. You may want to […]

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6 tips on using Audio QR code in your marketing campaign

6 Tips on Using Audio QR Code In Your Marketing Campaign

If you are looking for effective ways to promote your business, using an audio QR code can be a great choice. Few people know about them so they have a high potential of converting into leads, customers, or sales. But if you want your campaign to succeed, there are several things you should follow. Below […]

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The 5 QR Codes Best Practices to Improve Customer Experience

QR codes are taking the world by storm, and if you aren’t using them yet, it’s time you get on board. Using QR codes to engage with your customers is a great way to increase sales, improve customer service, and reach out to new consumers. But to get the best of QR codes, here are […]

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the 7 mistakes that businesses make when using QR codes in advertising

The 7 Mistakes That Businesses Make When Using QR Codes In Advertising

Most businesses are familiar with QR codes. They can use them for marketing, advertising, and to get their business name out there. Businesses have been using QR codes for marketing campaigns and advertisements for years. Unfortunately, many businesses are making some critical mistakes in using QR codes in advertising.  Those mistakes are preventing them from […]

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