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QR Codes Future: The Next Big Thing for Marketing and Advertising

Fast, accurate, and accessible. These three adjectives can be easily applied to describe QR Codes. This technology seems to have revolutionized different aspects of marketing. QR codes change the way on how to provide information and engage potential customers.  With the increasing use of smartphones and the presence of QR Code app integration in these […]

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10 Dos and Don’ts When You Use QR Codes for Events

QR codes may not always be so easy to use – they can get in the way and confuse people. But if you use them correctly, they provide extra value to your brand.  So to help you, here are 10 dos and don’ts for you to follow when using QR codes for events.  Dont’s Don’t […]

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How Retailers Can Improve Customer Service by Using QR Codes for Small Business

With QR codes, retailers can do so much more to improve customer service. Let’s take a look at how retailers can benefit from using QR codes for small business and how to implement them into their stores. How Can Retailers Use QR Codes Effectively? Having a mobile-friendly website is no longer enough to provide consumers […]

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Cheap and Creative Ways To Use QR Codes at Your Next Event

QR codes are becoming a common way to connect people with information, goods, and services. If you’ve been deciding whether or not to use them in your next event or online marketing campaign, we can help you.  Here are some cheap and creative ways to use QR codes at your next event.  Use QR codes […]

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What Is An Mp3 QR Code & How It Can Benefit Your Business

While QR codes have been a trendy topic in the marketing world for some time, many business owners have yet to try them out. They may be unsure of what an MP3 QR code is and whether it can provide any value or not. That’s why we made this blog post – to help you […]

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New QR Code Data Types Are Available In QR Stuff QR Code Generator

QR Stuff  has added two new QR code data types to the QR code generator! Users now can generate QR codes with the following data types: Audio and Video files.  With this new update, users now have the power to create QR codes with their audio, video files. From podcasts, websites, or podcasts, users can […]

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Audio QR Code: A Useful Guide For Tour Guides to Give Tours

Audio QR codes provide a useful way for tour guides to give audio tours. Audio QR codes give people the opportunity of listening to interesting facts and stories about the local area or specific places, as opposed to reading everything on their phone. Here’s what you need to know about audio QR code for tour […]

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Best Practices for Using QR codes in Event Marketing

Are you planning to use QR codes in event marketing?  QR codes are becoming an increasingly popular way to promote events. By adding a QR code to your marketing materials, you can make it easy for people to learn more about your event and even register for it. Here are 8 tips for using QR […]

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benefit of using QR codes for marketing exclusive discounts

Benefits of Using QR Codes for Marketing Exclusive Discounts

Would you like to use QR codes for marketing?  QR codes are an interesting and under-utilized marketing tool that has a lot of potential for businesses of all sizes. By using QR codes, you can do the following:  Target a specific audience,  Track your market’s engagement with a discount,  Make discounts easy to share, Stand […]

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paperless event management with event QR codes

Paperless Event management with Event QR Codes

By using event QR codes, you’re able to save time, paper, and money. The more quickly you can register attendees, the more smoothly your event will run. QR codes can be used in a variety of ways to make your event run more smoothly. Here are some tips on how to use QR codes in […]

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How You Can Improve Customer Service With QR Codes

Are you planning to use QR codes for customer service? QR codes are a quick, easy way to get your customers the information they need fast. How can you improve customer service using QR codes? Here are five tips to get started. You can use QR codes to direct customers to your customer service page […]

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