How to Find your Facebook Page ID

You may be wondering how to find your Facebook page ID in order to create a “Link to Facebook Page” data type. Here are the steps: Log into Facebook. From your News Feed, click Pages on the left side menu. Click your Page name. This takes you to your page. Click About at the top […]

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QR Coes For Linked In

LinkedIn QR Codes

Create free and non-expiring LinkedIn QR codes to help you expand your professional network, share articles on LinkedIn, or even find a job. Our LinkedIn QR codes are just one of the 23 fully-functional QR code data types that free users can create at with no sign-up or registration required. Paid subscribers also get […]

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2017: QR Code Snapshot

Well it’s been a few years since we did our last QR Code Snapshot so here’s an update on what 2017 looked like in our part of the QR code world based on QR codes created by users between January and December 2017. Who Was Scanning QR Codes? On a world-wide basis the location […]

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