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Visualead and QRStuff have joined forces to make QR codes more attractive for users and more valueable for businesses seeking to engage mobile users.

QR codes are all around us, and people are used to seeing and scanning them, yet they aren't considered attractive. Visualead's patent-pending technology changes how people engage with QR codes and enables users to easily embed them into any image or advertisement using a simple, user-friendly process that doesn’t require any graphic design skills.

Visual QR Codes are taking the humble QR code to the next level by keeping the tried-and-tested technology of the QR code and adding the elements of aesthetics and design to it. Visualead, the creators of the Visual QR Code, has teamed up with QRStuff, one of the the world’s most popular QR code generators, to allow the capabilities of a standard QR code to be added into any design or image.

QRStuff QR Codes Go Visual With Visualead

Now anyone can integrate a QR code into any image, blending the familiar QR codes that people recognize with the visual design that people prefer, and in so doing creating a communicative, creative and effective visual call-to-action.

To get your Visual QR Code just vist, create your QR code as usual, and then click on the Visualead banner in the bottom corner of the screen.  The QRStuff and Visualead websites are directly integrated so you (and the actual QR code you just created) will be transferred seamlessly to the Visualead website where you can complete the process of making your QR code visual.

To get your Visual QR Code just vist

Who You Calling Ugly?

While there are other emerging technologies, QR codes are currently the most popular tool for businesses to connect their offline content to online interactive experiences, a bridge that instantly connects the physical world to the digital world.

Unfortunately the bland physical appearance of QR codes is often cited as one of its negatives. Customers are keen to engage and interact with companies and brands via their mobile devices but apparently they seem to find these blocky geometric computer-generated symbols a bit of turn-off.

Keep The Technology, Improve The Aesthetics

Incorporating a Visual QR Code into an ad layout or image combines the incentive to interact and engage with the technical means to do so, making Visual QR Codes more engaging, more communicative and significantly more effective with scans rates shown to be up to 25% higher when compared to a traditional QR code.

There’s also no more guessing where a QR code will lead to with a design-based approach making  more opportunities available to communicate to users exactly what to expect when they scan the QR code.

Blending QR codes with visual design

Because of their look and feel, and also to save space in the layout, standard QR codes are usually reduced in size and tucked away in a lower corner of an ad. This reduces their impact and compromises their effectiveness – they can often go un-noticed or ignored, and scan rates suffer accordingly.

Visual QR Codes, on the other hand, allow the QR code to be placed front and center making it part of the ad rather than just a footnote to it. It ties in visually and aesthetically and becomes an integrated part of the message and an obvious extension of the principal call to actions.

Any Image Can Become A Visual QR Code

Whether its your logo, your favorite social network icon or your app icon, you can now use any image to empower your brand awareness, be more attractive, be more intuitive, and get you more scans!

Any Image Can Become A Visual QR Code

About Visualead

Founded in early 2012, Visualead’s mission is to make QR codes more appealing for customers and more valuable for brands by instantly and seamlessly blending them with any design, attracting users and increasing engagement.

The technology behind the Visualead’s Visual QR Codes is a unique, patent-pending image processing system developed by Visualead's image processing and algorithms experts that enables users to merge a QR code with an image while preserving it as a fully operational QR code.

For more information about Visualead, contact Uriel Peled, co-founder & CMO of Visualead.

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