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Late last year we introduced adding a logo or image to your QR code and recently we've rolled out a complimentary QR code styling feature for modifying the look of your QR code - now you can ensure that your QR codes really stand out by branding them with your logo and your colours and giving their appearance a distinctive tweak. Independently set the colours and shapes for the data modules and the corner eyes and, optionally, embed a logo or image as well all from one interface with a range of options that give you the flexibility to change the look of your QR code a bit or a lot - the choice is yours. To access this feature, log into your paid subscriber account, enter the details for your QR code, and then look for the "Style Your QR Code" button. Free users can also access this feature but will not be able to save the styling that they apply to their QR codes. All of the colour choice and shape options are available together with the facility to upload your logo or image, a transparent background selection option, and a real-time preview of the finished QR code - when you're done, click "Done" and download your completed QR code image. JPG, PNG and GIF logos and images up to 6Mb in size can be added to dynamic and static QR codes across all data types and, through your paid subscriber account dashboard, you can also style any pre-existing QR code regardless of how long ago it was created. As with all QR codes that paid subscribers create with us, you can download the finished QR code as a high resolution raster image (PNG, JPG, TIF up to 600dpi) or vector image (EPS, SVG, PDF, and DXF), and all of the usual paid subscriber features – dynamic QR code editing and analytics, password protection, pausing, scheduled release, scan limit setting, sticker template creation – are also available with your styled QR codes. And Don’t Forget To Test… Always test your QR code to make sure it works the way you need it to. Unexpected technical issues, misspelt URL’s, problems with the website the QR code links to, poor QR code image colour choices, etc, etc, are always best checked before you go and print 100,000 copies of your brochure!

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