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How to Create an All in One QR Code

Are you looking for ways to organize your landing pages fast?  If you want to provide convenience to your target audience, then you should consider using an all in one QR code.  What is an All in one QR Code? This type of QR code contains different types of information. It could store contact information, […]

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QR Codes On Packaging for Educating and Reaching Out to Consumers

Did you notice that more consumer goods these days have QR codes on the packaging? Even the pouch used in storing medicines that customers buy from the pharmacy has a QR code on it. And, maybe you’ve already ordered food online and found a QR code on its food packaging?  QR codes are no longer […]

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QR Codes to Use in Reopening of Theatres and Cinemas

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. It affects a lot of businesses, especially the ones in the cinema or movie theater industry.  Cinemas are forced to close due to continual lockdowns and social distancing procedures and some individuals have to quarantine and stay at home.  Fortunately, things are now starting to go back to normal. […]

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How QR codes can Help Businesses in the Fitness Industry

Having a presence online is one of the best solutions to attract and retain gym members. The online fitness industry is actually growing after the covid19 pandemic. Simple marketing tools like QR codes can help.  QR codes can help in sharing online content. You can lead your target clients to your web pages with printed […]

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Creating QR Codes for COVID Business Regulation

Are you having problems with your business operations?  Fortunately, several countries are now able to take action to control the virus. They have found ways to keep their economy running while also preventing health-related risks.  For most countries, businesses providing essential goods or services are allowed to open despite the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they have […]

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Attendance Tracking QR Codes for Cleaning Services

Overview Every business needs cleaning services to keep them well-organized and in order. Hotels, office buildings, hospitals, and even government buildings, schools, medical offices, restaurants and bars, fitness centers and retail businesses need cleaning services. After all, no business or establishment runs well if it’s not properly maintained. Cleaning businesses exist to cater to this […]

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Attendance Tracking QR Codes for Security Patrols

Overview Security patrols play a vital role in keeping people safe in a designated area. That’s why security companies need to make sure that the assigned security patrols are doing their job when patrolling their designated areas between checkpoints. Security companies have to make sure that everything is in order. They do this by making […]

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