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Using QR Codes And Coupon Promotion Together

Coupon marketing is more than just a quick and easy way to boost in-store or online traffic. Using best practices of coupon marketing can help you gain more profits. It helps in raising brand recognition and generating online income. Giving consumers instant access to your latest deals is simpler when you use coupon QR codes. […]

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How to Create Social Shopify QR Codes and Get More Online Sales

Do you know that using Shopify QR codes can help you get more sales?  If you’re not yet using QR codes, it would be great to start utilizing them for your business.  With e-commerce’s potential, businesses must use more than one platform to sell or advertise to their consumers and reach a larger audience. This […]

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How to Create a QR code for Newspaper and Magazine Ads

Creating a QR code for magazines and newspapers can be an excellent tool. They have more information stored and take up less space. Readers just scan the QR code with their smartphone to view online content like documents or a special offer.  That’s why if you’re advertising special deals or job openings on printed materials, […]

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How to Create QR Codes for multiple links with Google Sites

Do you want to lead your customers to your landing pages and social media accounts easily?  You can lead your customers to your landing pages and social media through advertisements, emails, or social media posts. However, there’s a possibility that they won’t click your link because they’ll think it’s spam. That’s why it’s better to […]

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Creating QR Codes to Build Your Email List

Did you know that QR codes can help you get more email subscribers? With the popularity of smartphones, many marketers are now mobilizing their email marketing strategies or programs. Some of their strategies often include creating more mobile-friendly emails, using a sign-up process for newsletters through text messages, and prioritizing social media engagement for email […]

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How to Collect Data Using QR Codes for Survey Forms

Collecting user data is very common today. Almost every establishment or business has the need to acquire basic information about their customers. It can be helpful for teachers to collect important information about their students. Businesses also commonly collect their customers’ name and contact information to reach out to them. This way they can find […]

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QR Stuff New Feature: QR Codes Templates

QR Stuff introduces a new feature on the website which allows users to select ready-made templates from a gallery and apply them to their QR codes. You don’t need to start from scratch when designing the QR code when you have the various designs we prepared for you. These templates are available according to the […]

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QR Codes For Free Landing Pages

QR codes can be used for your websites. A good landing page is one of the secrets to digital marketing success. Landing pages encourage customers to sign up for a deal, participate in a promotion or subscribe to offers. This is known as a “call-to-action” (CTA). Google Sites is a free website builder that lets you […]

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QR Codes For Free Google Sites

Google Sites is a free website builder that lets you effortlessly create and share web pages for your campaigns and projects. This tool makes it easier for a user to lay out the pages without the need for coding. Helpful for educators, small business owners and entrepreneurs as well, Google Sites is one of the […]

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QR Codes For Paypal Buy Now Link

Paypal has changed the way people do business online, and with the presence of QR codes, cashless transactions have become even more exciting. The Paypal Buy Now Link QR code takes the users to the window to get them ready to send their payment. This QR code is one of 23 fully-functional and non-expiring data […]

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Bulk QR Codes

Creating QR Codes In Bulk

If you need dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of QR codes, our batch processing feature will help you easily, simply and automatically create QR codes in bulk, ready to be used for inventory control, asset management, PURL’s, event ticketing and registration, staff business cards, bulk printing, etc. Batch processing is a standard part of the […]

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