3 QR Codes the Photography Industry Needs for Online Visibility


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Businesses struggle with marketing, and even service providers or freelancers too. Photographers and videographers are no exception. There are QR codes that the photography industry needs to help establish their online visibility and boosting their marketing.

Among photographers and videographers, there's a lot of competition. And, it's a given that businesses go for someone who has experience and is more well known. This puts the new ones in the industry at a lesser advantage.

Marketing, especially if you're new to the industry you're in, helps a lot in helping you get new clients and work. This applies even for photographers and videographers. 

Using QR codes can help boost marketing efforts. QR codes are becoming more popular, because they're easy to use and safe as well. People just need to scan the code and it can redirect them to a lot of possibilities.

Why Use QR Codes for Photography Industry Marketing?

These QR codes are a trend not only because it's easy and safe to use, but also because of the possibilities they bring. With these codes, you can direct people to anything  including your website and social media pages.

Adding a QR code on your business card is a smart move to maximize a small space in your card. Whether it links to your portfolio or links to send you an email, it creates more opportunities for you.

Boosting Marketing Strategies with QR Codes for Photography Industry

QR codes aren't limited to linking websites and social media pages, there are up to 26 types that you can use. Here's a quick list of QR codes that can help boost your online visibility and marketing as well:

  • Website URL QR codes to Showcase Your Website or Portfolio
  • Any Social Media QR Code (Instagram or Facebook)
  • Digital Business Card QR Code  

Website URL QR codes to Increase Visits to Your Website or Portfolio

Your website or portfolio is the place where your target clients get a glimpse of your work. Without your samples in a portfolio or a website, it's difficult to get clients.

Use URL QR codes printed on your business cards to make it easier for people to go to your website. 

Creating Website URL QR Codes

Generating a QR code for your website is as easy as 1,2,3. Just follow these steps:

  1. First, go to and have the “Website URL” data type pre-selected from the Data Type website URL Data type
  2. Next, in the Content Section, paste the URL of the web page or online content that you want to content for website QR code
  3. At this point, click "download QR code" to save your website URL QR code. download website QR code

Social Media QR codes for Growing Online Followers

You can also show off your work through social media platforms.

Social media platforms are a great tool to leverage to showcase your works. It's also an efficient way to attract potential clients . Social media encourages referrals from people especially if they like your works.

But does it mean you should be on every social media platform? Not necessarily. Determine which platform your target clients hang out and show up there.

Once you figure that out, create a social media QR code to get more visits. 

Creating a Social Media QR code

Let's say your target client hangs out on Instagram, here's how you can create an Instagram QR code.

  1. First, go to and have the “Instagram” data type pre-selected from the Data Type  Instagram data type
  2. In the Content Section, enter the Instagram username of the account you want displayed when your QR code is scanned. To find the username, go to your Instagram profile and click “Edit Profile” above the photo gallery. On the Edit Profile page, the username is shown below the account name (don’t include the @ symbol). content for Instagram QR code
  3. Once the QR code generator finishes processing the QR code, click the “Download QR Code” button from the QR Code Preview download Instagram QR code

In case you want a Facebook QR code instead, you can check how to create Facebook QR codes here.

Digital Business Card QR code for Easy Access to All Contact Information

Any business has their own business card. Level up and maximize your business card by adding a digital business card QR code on it. You can even create digital business card QR codes with a logo!

With this QR code on your business card, people just need to scan it to to give them direct access to anything in your digital business card QR code. 

Once they click the social media icons, it will direct them to your social media page. 

When they click a mobile number, it will bring them to the messaging app they use. And all they need to do is type their text message and send.

This applies to everything you put in your digital business card QR code.

Creating Digital Business Card QR codes

If you want to level up your business card with a digital business card QR code, here's how to create your digital business card QR code:

  1. First, go to and have the “Business Card” data type pre-selected from the Data Type digital business card data type content for QR code
  2. In the Content section, click the “Create Yours Now” button and the main data entry screen (shown below) appears. Once you’ve entered your address, contact details, social links, etc. Just click the “Save” button. details of business card QR code
  3. When the generator finishes processing the QR code, click the “Download QR Code” button below the QR code preview image to save your finished Digital Business Card QR download digital business card QR code

Make It A Bit Fancy colored digital card QR code

Paid QR Stuff subscribers have access to additional features and options for their QR code, including the Style section. This feature allows you to change the appearance of your QR code and create QR codes with logo. You can add a logo, change the background and foreground colors, or alter the shape of the dots on the QR code.

The image on the right shows how your QR codes with logo might look after you’ve styled it with various colors. Just make sure you test and scan your QR codes with logo before using it.

Paid users can also change the size, resolution, file type, and error correction level of their QR code. style your digital business card Qr code

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