5 Essential Questions to Determine the Best QR Code Generator


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Finding the best QR code generator for business is not that easy. But with the right knowledge, you can make the best choice in choosing the generator for your needs.

When looking for a QR code generator, there are a few things to keep in mind. The most important factors are the features offered and the ease of use.

Some QR generators offer advanced features, like a scan tracker or custom QR codes. These features can be helpful to some businesses. However, they are not useful for a simpler application, such as a school fundraiser.

QR generators that are easy to use save you time and money. You don't need to hire a developer or web designer to complete the task of creating QR codes. 

To help you decide the best QR code generator for business, here are the 5 essential questions to ask when looking for a QR code generator.

What features does the generator offer?

Before deciding on the best QR code generator for business, make sure that it offers the necessary features you need. 

If you are looking for an easy way to generate QR codes, then go ahead and choose one that only gives basic features. But if it's not your first time, it's best to look for one that offers more than simple functionality.

For example, if you plan on putting your QR code in an eBook, then you need to find a QR code generator with a styling feature. It should allow you to create BW and color QR codes.

If you're planning to create complex codes, you need to find one that supports different QR code types. The best QR code generator should offer various data types, error correction levels, and image size. 

How user-friendly is the generator? 

Not all QR code generators are equal; this is especially true when it comes to how user-friendly they are. 

Some generators have a difficult interface that can be confusing and take some time to get used to. Meanwhile, others are much more user-friendly and easy to navigate. Using them allows you to create QR codes with the fewest amount of steps possible.

Before choosing a generator, be sure to take the time to test it out. Most generators have a demo or trial mode. You can test them out before making a purchase or signing up for a subscription. 

What kind of customer service does the generator offer?

Even if you find the perfect QR code generator, it's still important to make sure that the company offers good customer service. 

Avoid an unresponsive company or those who don't offer assistance on time. It's more likely that you won't get any help if you have issues with the generator. 

Before signing up for a subscription, be sure to test out how quickly the company responds. Also, take note if the customer service is responding professionally. 

What are the cost and payment options?

Even if you need a QR code generator, it doesn't mean that you should sign up for a monthly subscription right away. It's best to do some research first. If the generator offers free trials or demos then take them up on the offer and see if it's what exactly you need. Most companies offer monthly subscriptions, as well as individual plans. It's important to find the one that fits your budget.

Furthermore, some generators also offer discounts for bulk orders. So if you know that you will be using the generator often, then be sure to ask about this before making a purchase.

Are there any restrictions on how the QR codes can be used?

When you sign up for a QR code generator subscription there will be terms and conditions that outline the rules and restrictions of using their products. Most generators offer their services to any and all users, but in some cases, they may prohibit companies or individuals that try to resell their products or use them inappropriately.

Before signing up for a subscription, read through the rules and regulations. Doing this gives you an idea of what you can and cannot do with your codes. 

The answers to these questions help you determine the best QR code generator for your company. Here in QR Stuff, we offer different Data Types, even to a free user. You can create QR codes for social media pages, Vcards, or Google Maps, even without signing up. 

Also, many people choose us because our free QR code generator is one of the easiest to use on the internet. 

You can depend on our customer service representatives as well. They help you whenever you have problems or questions regarding our free QR code generator. Lastly, you can use your QR code freely.

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