Audio QR Code: A Useful Guide For Tour Guides to Give Tours


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Audio QR codes provide a useful way for tour guides to give audio tours. Audio QR codes give people the opportunity of listening to interesting facts and stories about the local area or specific places, as opposed to reading everything on their phone.

Here's what you need to know about audio QR code for tour guides. 

What is an audio QR code?

An audio QR code is a QR code that plays an audio file when scanned. The QR code serves as both the visual representation of the data and the audio of it.

Some tour guides like to use audio QR codes along with their visual QR codes to give more information about topics they are explaining at the time. This can be especially useful if they are giving a tour of an art gallery and want to give some extra information about the artist. The tourists can then read the artist's biography and any information that they think is relevant.

The audio QR code can also be used as a way of giving more information about a certain piece of artwork. In this case, the tour guide could record a short introduction for each piece and then give this information via an audio QR code that people can then listen to when they want. This allows them to get much more detailed information than would normally be possible from just looking at the artwork in person.

How to use the audio QR code

Tour guides have a difficult job. They have to be interesting enough to keep the attention of their audience, but not so interesting that they take away all of the focus from the tour group. And if they are going to provide audio commentary on a tour, they need to do it in a way that is both convenient and informative.

Audio QR codes are a great asset to tour guides, and with a few simple steps, you can create an audio QR code for your own tours.

Step 1: Create an Audio QR Code for Your Tour

To use this technique as effectively as possible, you should create an audio QR code for each tour segment. That way, only one part of the tour will be playing at any given time. To create an audio QR code, all you need is a good quality recording app on your smartphone.

When you have finished recording, press the stop button and save your audio file. The saved file can be saved to your phone's storage card or transferred to your computer via a USB cable if you prefer to work there.

Step 2: Place the QR Code on Different Segments of the Tour

The best place to display the QR Code is in a location that makes sense for the information you're trying to provide. For example, if you're giving a tour of an art gallery, put the QR Code near works of art. 

Also, you may want to place it on placards or boards outside and inside museums or historical buildings. If there are no such placards or boards, you may put them on brochures and pamphlets instead. 

However, make sure that your QR code is still legible and visible enough for visitors to see. Also, try putting it in areas or places where visitors are most likely to look at first – such as the museum ticket counter, near the entrance of the museum, near the information desk, etc.

How do I make these audio QR codes?

Creating a QR code that links to an audio file is easy, especially if you use our QR code generator.  Here are the steps on how to create an audio QR code for tour guides: 

  1. Go to our online QR generator page and select Audio File as the data type in the first section. audio file data type
  2. In the content section, upload your audio file in the required field. content for audio file QR code  
  3. When it's done, you can save your QR code. download audio QR code

Note: Only MP3, M4A files are accepted, and the file size limit is 10MB. Also, this data type is only available to paid users. 

Make It a Bit Fancy audio QR code

Paid QR Stuff subscribers have access to more features and options for their QR code, including the Style section. This function allows you to change the layout and color of the QR code’s different corners. A logo can also be included as part of the QR code.

The image on the right shows how your audio QR codes for may look after you’ve styled it with various colors. Just make sure you test your QR code before using it.

Paid users can also choose the size, quality, file format, and amount of error correction of the QR code picture. style audio QR code

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