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iTunes QR Code

Want to listen to your favorite iTunes music, or direct people to your iPhone app, in one simple scan? QR Stuff makes it easier for you to access apps, songs, albums, and artist pages on iTunes with the use of QR codes.

The iTunes QR code is one of 23 fully-functional and non-expiring data types that a free user or as a paid account subscriber can have through the QR Stuff QR code generator.

No sign-up or registration is required, and users will have access to non-expiring QR code data types. You can also be able to edit the QR codes and view scan analytics as part of the paid subscriber feature set.

How To Generate iTunes QR Codes

  1. Go to and select iTunes Link from the Data Type section.
  2. In the Content section, enter the iTunes Link to either a song, an album, an artist and to other media in the application. Use the iTunes Link Maker to find the URL of iTunes Store or App Store content. Find the content that you want to share, and copy the direct link found just below the embed code. Paste this URL in the field.
  3. Click the “Download QR Code” button to start using your iTunes Link QR code.


iTunes link QR codes created by free users will have our iTunes affiliate code added to the end of them. This won't affect the functioning of the QR code in any way, but will help support the free service you've just used to create your QR code. If the URL you entered already contains an iTunes affiliate code then it will preserved and ours won't be added to it.

Make It A Bit Fancy

iTunes Song QR Code

While free users can change the foreground colour of their QR code, paid subscribers have the ability to also change the appearance of QR code image and embed a logo or image in the centre of it. Just use the steps outlined above to create your iTunes Link QR code, and then, before you download your finished QR code, click the “Style Your QR Code” button to change its appearance.

To the right is an example that shows what could be done to the iTunes Link QR code created above using our QR Code Styling feature. Our styling interface allows you to make your QR code more visually distinctive and, by embedding a suitable image, perhaps more intuitive as well.

Read our blog post on QR Code Styling for more details about how to use this feature.

Scanning iTunes QR Codes

QR Stuff now lets you scan the iTunes QR code you have just created without having to jump to another website or application. Now, you can generate, design, and scan QR codes without having to download any external applications or software. The QR Stuff QR code scanner is available in both desktop and mobile.

With this feature, you have a one-stop place to generate these codes, and at the same time, make them work right after you are done creating them. The scanner works and complies with the scanning standard, which means it can scan all standard QR codes. You scan the QR code and get a clickable link.

Enjoy Free Features

QR Stuff is free for anyone to use with no sign-up required – create as many fully functional non-expiring free QR codes as you need with no restrictions on commercial use. 23 of our 26 data types can be used for free, and our free QR codes are guaranteed 100% ad-free.

Subscribers Get More QR Stuff!

Become a QR Stuff paid subscriber and get unlimited QR codes, unlimited scans, analytics reporting, editable dynamic QR codes, high resolution and vector QR code images, batch processing, password-protected QR codes, QR code styling, QR code pausing and scheduling and more, for one low subscription fee.

Full subscriptions start from just $11.95 for a 1 month subscription (lower monthly rates for longer periods). Subscribe now.

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