QR Codes for Business: Why Are They Useful?


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QR codes have emerged as an effective tool for businesses seeking to increase customer engagement, especially among mobile users. The information encoded through QR codes can be accessed using a code reader application on a mobile device. This capability, combined with its growing popularity, makes QR codes a versatile and efficient tool for businesses looking to get the word out. 

If you're not yet using QR codes for business, this article is for you. 

QR Codes can Help You Drive Traffic to Your Website

QR codes for business are now essential because they can help you drive traffic to your website.

Business owners can use QR codes for any number of things, but the most common use is to connect a user to information, such as an online link. QR codes are a great way to drive traffic to your website or social media platforms and further engage with your customers. You can also use the code on your website or other marketing collateral to make it easy for people to find you quickly, without having to type out the web address manually.

Here's how to create a QR code to link your website: 

  1. Go to and have the “Website URL” data type pre-selected from the Data Type section. website QR code
  2. In the content section, paste the URL of the landing page containing your social media pages – in the required field. content for website QR code
  3. Click the “Download QR Code” button and your event QR code is ready for download QR code

QR Codes Provide an Easy Method for Customers to Pay for Goods or Services

QR codes can be used to help streamline and simplify the payment process.

In fact, a growing number of companies are moving away from cash and checks as the predominant form of payment. Instead, they are encouraging their customers to pay for goods or services using credit cards, debit cards, or bank-to-bank electronic transfers.

The use of a QR code to facilitate payments is becoming increasingly more common. The process works like this:

A customer purchases a product or service from a business that accepts QR code-based payments.

The customer uses his or her phone to scan the QR code generated by the business.

The customer's phone communicates with the business's point-of-sale (POS) system via an app. (This step may require that the customer download an app first.)

The transaction is authorized by the customer's bank, which then transfers funds electronically to the business's bank account.

Many consumers are already familiar with QR codes because they are often used in conjunction with mobile marketing campaigns. This makes it relatively easy for businesses to introduce them into their POS systems as well. In addition, this type of system provides a faster way for consumers to pay for products and services than other methods, such as cash or check.

For this example, we'll assume that you are using PayPal for accepting payments: 

  1. Go to and have the “Paypal” data type pre-selected from the Data Type section.
  2. In the Content section, enter the Paypal account email address, description of the product or item, product code, item value, and currency.
  3. Click the “Download QR Code” button to start paying through the Paypal Buy Now Link QR code.

QR Codes can be Incorporated into Any Type of Printed Material

QR Codes for business can be incorporated into any type of printed material you use.

Business cards, brochures, catalogs, mailers, coupons, newsletters, and even your letterhead can benefit from having a QR Code printed on them.

Many industries have already adopted the use of QR Codes for their business including real estate agents, insurance companies, website designers, and many others.

More often than not, QR codes on printed materials contain digital business cards. To create this type of QR code, follow these steps: 

  1. First, go to and have the “Business Card” data type pre-selected from the Data Type digital business card data
  2. In the Content section, click the “Create Yours Now” button and the main data entry screen (shown below) appears. Once you’ve entered your address, contact details, social links, etc. Just click the “Save” input details
  3. Wait for the QR code generator to finish processing. You can then save your QR code. download QR code

QR Codes Make it Easier for Businesses to Collect Customer Information

QR codes for business make it easier for you to collect customer information. Rather than having customers fill out long forms with extensive information about themselves, QR codes make it easy for them to enter their information simply by scanning the code and filling out a short form online.

This technique has been useful in the marketing sector and has helped companies understand what it is that their customers want.

Not only do QR codes help collect data about customers, but they also provide valuable insights into customer behavior. For example, if you are a restaurant owner and you have placed a QR code on your menu, you can track how many times it has been scanned and which dishes people are most interested in. This can help you reshape your menu according to customer demand.

Here's how to create QR codes for gathering customer data: 

  1. First, create a document on Google Form. Doing this allows you to get specific information from the customers. If you need help in creating a document on Google Form, you may refer to our blog about How to Collect Data Using QR Codes for Survey Forms.
  2. Go to and have the “Website URL” data type pre-selected from column 1.
  3. In the Content section, type in the website URL of the survey form you created.
  4. You may now download the QR code you created by clicking the “Download QR Code” button.

Make it a Bit Fancy

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