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With the presence of technology, teachers need to adapt and use technology when teaching their students. Using technology can enhance the learning experience especially because students are more technologically inclined now.

Educational pages or websites are useful tools that teachers can use. They can choose websites that contain games or videos that will help improve their students’ learning.

To make it easier for students to access an educational page, teachers can link it to a QR code. After they have created a QR code for the educational page, they can print it and hand the QR code copy to the students. Students just need to scan the QR code to access the educational page.

To create a QR code for an educational page, just follow these steps: In this guide, we'll be creating a QR code for this educational page:

Create Your QR Code for the Educational Page

  1. Go to and have the “Website URL” data type pre-selected from column 1.
  2. In Column 2, type the URL of your desired educational page.
  3. 3. At this point, you can download the QR code by clicking the “Download QR code” button.

Make It A Bit Fancy

Paid subscribers have the privilege to customize the QR codes that they create through the site. They can even include a logo or image in the center of the QR code to enhance the look. Creating the QR code will be the same as above but before downloading the QR code, you need to click the “Style Your Code” button to enhance the QR code.

The QR code to the right is a sample customized QR code that subscribers can achieve through using our QR Code Styling feature. Through the feature, they can turn their generated QR codes into a more attractive and distinctive QR code for their users.

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