QR Codes for Teachers’ Management of Student Data


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Using QR codes to store data of students in a digital manner is a new and simple way of student information management. It helps them save space, time, and effort. This QR code method enables teachers to have quick access to vital information such as attendance, grades, and records by scanning QR codes with their phones or tablets. Teachers have a lot of tasks. Besides preparing lessons for the students, they also need to pay close attention to each of them. Part of their job also includes making sure that each student is coping well with the activities, checking their daily attendance, and a lot more. You can find a way to help reduce or simplify the tasks of teachers to help them make time for the more important tasks. Managing student data is be easier and more accessible digitally; it only takes scanning a QR code to update a student's record.

How QR Codes for Teachers can Help Ease Student Data Management

QR Codes can help ease student data management and organization in several ways. Using QR codes enable teachers to access student data and update them instantly. This process saves space and time since there is no need to organize paper files, bring out laptops or search through folders before they can update a student's record. All the teacher has to do is to scan the QR code with their phones or tablets.  They will then be provided with quick access to the record that they need to update. To use QR codes for managing student data, all you need is a google form where you input all the necessary data that you need to track on students. Then create a QR code for that google form.

How to Create a Form for Collecting Student Data

With a lot of student data to track, it also means that a teacher uses a lot of paper. To help reduce paper, teachers can use a QR code that links to a Google form for tracking all vital information. For this form to be useful and efficient, teachers need to take note of everything that needs tracking before proceeding to create the Google form. If you're still not familiar on how you can create a Google form, just follow the steps outlined below.
  1. First, go to Google Forms and log into your Gmail step 1
  2. Under the “Start a new form” label, click the “Blank” icon and you will be redirected to a blank form.
  3. Fill in the file name of your form on the “Untitled Form” field. Choose a file name that easily conveys what the form step 3
  4. Next, indicate the questions or data that you want to record. Click the plus icon beside each question field to add a question. Choose the appropriate type of answer for each question on the drop-down menu beside each question step 4
  5. Customize theme. You can customize your survey form by clicking the watercolor palette icon on the top right portion of the window. A dropdown menu will then appear in the right portion of the window. You can then select your desired header, theme color, background color, and font theme
  6. At this point, you need to copy the file URL of your survey form. Click the “SEND” button on the top right corner of the window. On the dialog box, click the second tab beside the “Send via” label to see the URL of the survey form. That’s the URL that you need to generate the QR code for this form.

Creating a QR code for the Google Form

You can now proceed to creating a website QR code that you will link to your Google form. Here's how to create this QR code:
  1. Go to and have the “Website URL” data type pre-selected from the Data Type website data type
  2. In the Content section, type in the website URL of the Google form you content for QR code
  3. You may now download the QR code you created by clicking the “Download QR Code” download QR code

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