Uses of QR Codes during COVID-19


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How can QR codes help during COVID-19?  

There are many ways that QR codes can contribute to controlling the spread of COVID-19. They can help you do things more easily and more conveniently.

For example, QR codes allow you to order food in a restaurant without making physical contact or interacting with the menu or the waiter. You just have to scan the QR code to see the list of available foods on the menu. 

If you’re looking for a list of how QR codes can help during COVID-19, you’re in the right place. Today, I’ll talk about various ways people can use QR codes to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

QR Code for TikTok Profiles 

TikTok and QR codes can both help you avoid COVID-19.

TikTok is one of the most used social media platforms during the pandemic. Over 800 million people worldwide are using this app. The reason for that is because it offers a large variety of media, filters, and video effects to keep people busy. TikTok’s fun and enjoyable app helps people relieve their boredom while stuck in their homes. 

You can actually create a QR code for your TikTok profile to make it easier for you to have your friends follow you on the platform. You just need to share your generated TikTok QR code and they can scan it to see your profile and follow your account.

QR Codes for Ordering Food Online 

QR codes for ordering food online can help to avoid COVID-19. 

The economy stopped in most countries during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses in the food industry such as restaurants have no choice but to shut down as well. They have to halt their operations because their employees and customers cannot leave their homes. 

However, online food ordering has already been an option long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Many restaurants can adapt to this now that there are people who can't go out to dine in restaurants.

If your business just published its own website during the COVID season, don't worry. There are ways to drive people to your restaurant's website so they can order food. That's where QR codes come into play.

One is to flash your QR code in your restaurant's window or entrance door to inform walk-in customers that you now provide online ordering. Another is to inform your regular mailing list that they can now order food online by just scanning the QR code included in the brochure. You can also share this option with your followers on social media.

QR Codes for Restaurant Menus

If you own a restaurant and you're thinking about how to cater to walk-in customers despite this situation, including QR codes in your operations can help.

One of the fears these days is to touch anything used in public, restaurant menus, for example. But, by using QR codes, your walk-in customers don't have to worry about touching the restaurant's menu.

Just include a QR code on your restaurant's menu. Walk-in customers simply need to scan the QR code to see the restaurant's menu through their smartphone and order with the waiter.

QR Codes for Work From Home Employees 

The COVID-19 pandemic forces people to stay inside their homes to avoid getting infected with the virus. This leaves them no choice but to work from home. 

If you’re an employer, it’s best to make use of QR codes for your employees, especially if you’re tracking them.

It’s very inconvenient for your employees to log in and out every time when working. This may cause them to slack off. To avoid this from happening, you can use QR codes for attendance tracking. 

Your employees just have to scan the QR codes whenever they need to log in or out of work. This allows you to see their work hours in real-time. 

QR Codes for Zoom 

If you’re allowing work-from-home employees, it’s best to consider using QR codes for Zoom meetings. 

To view the Zoom video conference, people need to type a code or click your link. This can be very inconvenient to some people they just want to join the Zoom meeting instantly. 

QR codes can help in joining a Zoom meeting instantly. Your employees just have to scan the QR code to join your meeting. 

QR Codes for Paypal 

Physical interaction is prohibited during the COVID-19 pandemic. This limits the movement of people in the outside world. 

If you have a business, receiving payments and giving change is not advisable because it can help in spreading the virus. So to keep yourself and other people safe and healthy, it’s best to use QR codes for payments, particularly for PayPal. 

Many people use PayPal to pay things online, it’s easy to use and convenient. People just have to enter your email address to make the payments. 

But to make things even easier, you can create a QR code containing details about your PayPal account. In this way, people just have to scan the QR code to make payments in your business. 

QR Codes for Donation Drives 

The COVID-19 pandemic put lots of people in a compromising situation. But there are also people who can use this pandemic to help people. 

Today, many charities ask for donations. But as people may not be allowed to go outside, charities can set up an online donation. 

People can now donate cash, PPE suits, masks, relief goods, or other useful items without even doing a physical drop off. They can do it online or hire someone to deliver it for them. 

Asking donations online has a 50/50 chance of success. People don’t often click links because they might think that it’s a phishing site or a scam. But if the donation drive uses QR codes, there’s a strong possibility that it won't get ignored. 

Using QR codes is safer and more convenient than posting a link on social media platforms. You can attach it to your official donation posts on social media so it can’t be faked by scammers. 

QR Code for Online Lessons and Educational Pages 

The COVID-19 pandemic also affects education. Many schools and universities are forced to delay or stop their classes while others are still continuing their operations online. 

Many educational institutions are using online classes. This allows students to study even if they are inside their homes.  

If you’re a teacher or instructor, you can better teach and distribute educational materials to your students using QR codes. QR codes are a faster way to distribute your online lessons and educational pages than posting links. Your students just have to scan the QR code to see and save the documents. 

Using QR Codes in this New Normal

This pandemic certainly has created a new normal for us just to survive and control the spread of the contagion. It's never going to be easy but certainly, there are options that we can adapt and use. One of these is through the use of QR codes.

QR codes can greatly help in implementing paperless or no contact transactions as discussed in this blog post. From online food ordering, online donation drives, online educational pages where QR codes can help make things easier and possible, we can see ways for us to continue our way of life even in this new normal.

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