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I was reading the 10 Great Car Journeys in Street View post on the Google Maps Mania website which showcased the TripGeo tool for creating creating Google direction maps with animated Street View movies for the route - just set your starting point and your destination and TripGeo does the rest creating your own custom trip map. Apart from being a really cool example of what can be done with Google Maps, the finished product is fully mobile compatible and just begging to be put behind a QR code, so here's how to create your own QR code connected driving directions road map with an embedded StreetView animation of the journey.

3 Simple Steps

1. Visit the TripGeo website and fill in the details for your road trip - starting address, finishing address, map type, zoom level, mode of travel, and route parameters. Start and finish can be entered as an address or as a latitude longitude pair. 2. Once you're done click the "Create Your Directions Map" button then move down the page (past the preview) to the "View Directions And Map" website link for your animated road map. 3. Copy this link and go to Select URL as the data type for the QR code generator and paste the link for your GeoTrip map into the input box. Click the download link under the QR code preview and there you have it.

And The Finished Product...

Scan this QR code to see the end result with an animated StreetView journey created at TripGeo - a drive across the famous Millau Viaduct, France - linked from a QR code created at TripGeo is a great way to show driving directions to a business, a guided tour of a tourist destination, preview a journey you're about to take, or as a record of a journey you've already taken.

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