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Efficiency of QR Codes for Providing Customer Service

Many companies use QR codes as one of their strategies to engage with customers.  QR codes can be an efficient tool to reduce time dealing with customers. Customers just need to scan the QR code to send support an email with their requests, feedback or questions.  Let’s look how big companies use QR codes in […]

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Different Ways to Use QR Codes for Meetings and Events

Are QR codes for meetings useful?  If you’re hosting a meeting, you want everyone to make the most of it. You may accomplish it with the aid of a QR Code. Make it simple for people to register If you’re planning a conference, you’ll need attendees. If you have a list of people you want […]

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QR codes for product packaging

Innovative Ways to Improve Your Brand with Product Packaging QR Codes

Using a creative, unique package design to boost your brand and express its narrative is a modest but powerful gesture. So why not take it a step further and provide a completely immersive experience for your clients by including customized QR Codes into your packaging design? Here are our examples of product packaging QR codes. […]

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How to Use an Android Phone to Scan QR Codes

Can you scan QR codes on Android?  QR codes are useful, though if you are not familiar with technology, they may appear inconvenient. There are a variety of ways to scan QR codes, including using the camera on a smartphone or using applications. The notion of QR codes has simplified our lives in recent years, […]

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7 Best Uses of QR Codes in Marketing

Using QR codes in marketing allows marketers to instantly reach out and provide prospective customers with the information they need when they want it most. That’s why entrepreneurs should use QR codes in their products or services. In a world where people want convenience, entrepreneurs should know how to adapt to this demand. People are […]

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QR codes for Innovative and Interactive Classroom Learning

Why are QR codes good for innovative and interactive classroom learning?  QR codes exhibit their versatility in terms of use across all school levels and subjects. A QR code can include a range of resources such as audio, text, PDF, internet connections, etc.  You can also use QR codes for a variety of purposes, including […]

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3 QR codes that Photographers Need in Landing Clients

QR codes are a powerful tool that photographers and videographers can use as part of their marketing efforts. Every year, photographers and videographers lose a staggering amount of potential clients because they don’t know how to market themselves properly. Either they can’t afford  professional marketing materials or they do not have a marketing strategy in […]

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QR Codes for Teachers’ Management of Student Data

Using QR codes to store data of students in a digital manner is a new and simple way of student information management. It helps them save space, time, and effort. This QR code method enables teachers to have quick access to vital information such as attendance, grades, and records by scanning QR codes with their […]

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How to Scan QR Codes Without an App on Android Phones

It is possible to view the content of a QR code without using a third-party QR codes scanner.  There are ways to scan a QR code even without downloading an app from Google Play Store.  It’s true, installing third-party apps is sometimes beneficial. However, there are also downsides to using them.  So how can you […]

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Using QR Codes And Coupon Promotion Together

Coupon marketing is more than just a quick and easy way to boost in-store or online traffic. Using best practices of coupon marketing can help you gain more profits. It helps in raising brand recognition and generating online income. Giving consumers instant access to your latest deals is simpler when you use coupon QR codes. […]

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Static vs Dynamic QR Codes: QR Codes Best Practices

Are you thinking about the QR codes best practices? Imagine a smart light that can change color to fit your mood based on the sound of your voice. Doesn’t it work nicely? QR codes provide users with just that. Static and dynamic are the two types that suit your needs. You should know the difference […]

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