why use QR codes in the classroom

Why Use QR Codes in the Classroom – Teachers’ QR Code Checklist

Why use QR codes in the classroom? A lot of teachers are already using QR codes as part of their teaching tools.  QR codes are convenient for the teachers to use and the students as well. Why Use QR codes in the classroom? Teachers have a lot of tasks to do. Using tools like QR […]

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QR Codes On Packaging for Educating and Reaching Out to Consumers

Did you notice that more consumer goods these days have QR codes on the packaging? Even the pouch used in storing medicines that customers buy from the pharmacy has a QR code on it. And, maybe you’ve already ordered food online and found a QR code on its food packaging?  QR codes are no longer […]

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How QR Codes Help Your Business Increase Online Presence

Do you have any idea how QR codes can help your business to increase their online presence? Using several QR code types can help in giving your business a boost in your marketing efforts. Since the pandemic happened, it became every business’ strategy to go online. With a lot of competition, establishing a business’ online […]

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Ways To Use QR Codes In School Libraries

Visiting libraries has become increasingly unusual as education has become more computerized. Reading has become more convenient thanks to e-books and digital libraries. Readers may now easily browse and pick books. Various ways to use QR codes in school libraries  can help make reading easier. Students only need a QR code reader on their phone […]

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How to Create Social Shopify QR Codes and Get More Online Sales

Do you know that using Shopify QR codes can help you get more sales?  If you’re not yet using QR codes, it would be great to start utilizing them for your business.  With e-commerce’s potential, businesses must use more than one platform to sell or advertise to their consumers and reach a larger audience. This […]

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3 QR Codes the Photography Industry Needs for Online Visibility

Businesses struggle with marketing, and even service providers or freelancers too. Photographers and videographers are no exception. There are QR codes that the photography industry needs to help establish their online visibility and boosting their marketing. Among photographers and videographers, there’s a lot of competition. And, it’s a given that businesses go for someone who […]

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Useful Application of QR codes for Education

A QR code can include a range of things including audio, text, PDF, and internet connections. Teachers can use QR codes for education for different purposes. They can use QR codes in the classroom, for sharing project materials with students, digital slideshows,  in libraries, and more.  Using QR codes in the classroom can benefit both […]

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QR Codes to Use in Reopening of Theatres and Cinemas

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. It affects a lot of businesses, especially the ones in the cinema or movie theater industry.  Cinemas are forced to close due to continual lockdowns and social distancing procedures and some individuals have to quarantine and stay at home.  Fortunately, things are now starting to go back to normal. […]

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Using QR codes in Agriculture Marketing

In today’s digitally driven world, QR (Quick Response) codes are everywhere, and they’re especially popular in the commercial and marketing industries. Agribusiness professionals and marketers should use QR codes in agriculture marketing too. Marketers mostly use these codes to link customers to online content about their goods or services. This strategy is working well because […]

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Using QR codes for Home Improvement Industry

Today, more and more people are obtaining information on the internet through their smartphones. That’s why now is the time to start using technology such as using QR codes to link to website. This tool caters to mobile users because it allows them to view important information with a simple scan on their cellphones.  QR […]

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How to Create a QR code for Newspaper and Magazine Ads

Creating a QR code for magazines and newspapers can be an excellent tool. They have more information stored and take up less space. Readers just scan the QR code with their smartphone to view online content like documents or a special offer.  That’s why if you’re advertising special deals or job openings on printed materials, […]

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