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How to Collect Data Using QR Codes for Survey Forms

Collecting user data is very common today. Almost every establishment or business has the need to acquire basic information about their customers. It can be helpful for teachers to collect important information about their students. Businesses also commonly collect their customers’ name and contact information to reach out to them. This way they can find […]

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How to Create Scan-Limited QR Codes

QR codes created through a QR Stuff paid subscription have no scan limit by default. But if you have a need for a scan-limited QR code, we have that functionality. Why would you need to limit the scans of a QR code? For example, a student who needs to conduct a survey for 100 respondents […]

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QR Codes for Conference Posters

Every once in a while, business people and like-minded professionals hold conferences to discuss a certain relevant topic. Scientists or academics meet at an academic conference to talk about research findings or conduct a workshop. Business people attend business conferences to talk about the latest trends and opportunities for the business. Businessmen and members of […]

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QR Codes for Educational Pages

With the presence of technology, teachers need to adapt and use technology when teaching their students. Using technology can enhance the learning experience especially because students are more technologically inclined now. Educational pages or websites are useful tools that teachers can use. They can choose websites that contain games or videos that will help improve […]

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Creating Individual QR Codes Using Attendance Tracking Data Type

Monitoring attendance is an important thing to do in schools and in offices. This tedious process can be simplified by scanning a QR code for every student or employee arriving at school or office. The common practice is to have one QR Code that each attendee scan and input his name, but In some cases, […]

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Attendance Tracking QR Code: Geolocation Update

QRStuff has added a new feature to the attendance tracking data type! The new feature enables the QR code to get the exact user location of the attendee scanning the code. Previously, the attendance tracking data type could only record the name of the attendee scanning the code, and the date and time of the […]

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QR Codes for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, you are probably thinking of a unique way to show your partner some appreciation. An unusual way that your special someone will surely love. Here at QRStuff, we came up with an idea to make the typical Valentine’s Day card a unique one. Just send your loved one a QR code, and […]

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QR Codes for Sharing Audio Files

Audio files can be a useful format for business people in sharing information with their clients. Consultants can record their consultations with their clients and give them a copy of the meetings through an audio file. Doing this can provide value to the clients knowing that they can always listen to the recording of the […]

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How To Generate Audio QR Codes Using Drive + QRStuff

Audio QR codes using the features of Google Drive and are what to be presented in this updated post. QR codes for audio and music are made using’s Website URL data types, similar to what the previous blogs have provided. Scanning the code to listen to your favorite music wherever, whenever you are — […]

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QR Stuff New Feature: QR Codes Templates

QR Stuff introduces a new feature on the website which allows users to select ready-made templates from a gallery and apply them to their QR codes. You don’t need to start from scratch when designing the QR code when you have the various designs we prepared for you. These templates are available according to the […]

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QR Codes For Event Sign-Up Pages

Conducting an event soon? Whether you’re having a school fair, sporting event or a gathering that needs an RSVP from attendees, it is important to have participants register. Traditionally, registrations are done on paper. But what if participants use QR codes to let them sign up for these events? Google Sites is a free website builder that […]

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